Critical Communications Broadband Group – CCBG

Critical Communications Broadband Group – CCBG

TCCA’s Critical Communications Broadband Group (CCBG), a Working Group of TCCA, drives the development and adoption of common global mobile broadband standards and solutions for users who operate in a mission critical or business critical environment*.

The aim of the CCBG is to enable all mission critical and business critical users to access their information systems, intranet and internet at broadband speeds using their professional mobile devices wherever they are and whenever they have the need. This broadband capability should meet the specific needs of the user in the same way that critical voice and narrowband data services are currently delivered by technologies such as TETRA, Tetrapol, P25 and others.

*Examples of mission critical and business critical users include the following:

  • Public Safety/PPDR
  • Government entities
  • Utilities (Electricity, Gas, Water)
  • Power Generation
  • Petrochemical/Extraction
  • Transport (International and Metropolitan Rail, Metro, Ports, Airports, Buses, Trams  and Taxis)
  • Military/Paramilitary
  • Security
  • Telcos
  • Sporting and leisure complexes

Chairman  Tero Pesonen –

Vice-Chair: Luz Fernández del Rosal

Mission/Vision Statement – adopted 23 April 2012
Terms of Reference CCBG ToRs FINAL (November 2016)

Next CCBG meeting

CCBG#25 : 21-22 April 2022.

        See members area for more information.

Previous CCBG meeting

Date and venue: 20-21 October 2021
Input documents: see members area

Cyber Security Workshop

The Cyber Security Workshop took place on Wednesday 19 May 2021.

View the presentations here.

Latest publications

April 2022 – White Paper: Mission Critical Broadband Applications

October 2021 – White Paper: Mission Critical Broadband Device Procurement 

All TCCA white papers can be viewed here

Critical communications in 3GPP – videos

For the latest videos, please see YouTube or Vimeo

December 2019 3GPP SA86 update by SA chair Georg Mayer. View the video

December 2019 3GPP CT86 update by CT chair Lionel Morand. View the video

January 2018 Adrian Scrase, ETSI CTO and Head of 3GPP Mobile Competence Centre and Tero Pesonen TCCA CCBG chairman interviewed on 3GPP Mission Critical Progress and TCCA partnership. View the video

December 2016 3GPP SA Chairman Erik Gutmann interviewed by Adrian Scrase, ETSI CTO on Systems and Service achievements in 3GPP Release 14. View the video

May 2015 3GPP SA Chairman Erik Guttman on the progress of 3GPP Release 13 – in particular the Critical Communications. View the video

May 2015 3GPP CT Chairman Georg Mayer on the 3GPP Release 13 priorities in CT – in particular MCPTT. View the video

May 2015 Tero Pesonen and Phil Kidner talk to Adrian Scrase ETSI May 2015 on Critical Communications and its needs. View the video

January 2015 3GPP SA Chairman Balazs Bertenyi and SA 6 Chairman Andrew Howell interviewed by Adrian Scrase, ETSI CTO on the role of newly formed SA6 working group in critical communications. View the video

CCBG in the News

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