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Since the first generation of networks were deployed in 1997, TETRA networks have been implemented across the world.  Even though a considerable number of these networks are in Europe, a rapid uptake is occurring in the regions of Asia, Middle East and South America.  Although all PMR market segments are already being served by TETRA, the largest market is that of public safety, where the trend is for the deployment of nationwide networks shared by all public safety organisations for reasons of economics, autonomy of operation for routine communications and the ability to fully interoperate with other services during emergency situations and disasters.

The transportation market is the next fastest growing market, especially for Mass Rapid Transport systems and major airports.  Interestingly, TETRA is also used by the military for non-tactical operations, a market application not originally anticipated.

The success and market uptake of TETRA has attracted many independent manufacturers and suppliers of TETRA products and services, thereby providing users with healthy competition, second source security and wide choice of radio terminal equipment for specific applications. The success of TETRA has also created a strong base of application developers who are able to provide a wide variety of applications for use with TETRA.

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