GCF-TCCA MCS Certification

GCF-TCCA MCS Certification


09 July 2024: Join the webinar to find out how to get your MCX products certified!

11 June 2024: GCF announces certification of Broadband Mission Critical Services – collaboration with TCCA supports next generation of MCS products and services

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GCF-TCCA MCS Certification

Ensuring mission critical devices and networks are conformant to the 3GPP standards and interoperable with each other is a key part of the Global Certification Forum’s (GCF) vision to enable high quality, reliable and secure wireless communications demanded by users and industries across the globe. It is equally key to TCCA’s vision to promote standardized critical communications solutions and the benefits of open and competitive markets in efficiently developing and delivering these solutions. GCF’s Mission Critical Services certification process, developed in close cooperation with TCCA, is the way to ensure that broadband LTE devices and mission critical applications (Mission Critical Push-to-Talk – MCPTT, Mission Critical Video – MCVideo and Mission Critical Data – MCData, collectively known as MCX) are standard compliant and interoperable with mission critical networks and services.

MCS Workstream Portal

TCCA supports the GCF Mission Critical Services Workstream. TCCA members can register on the GCF MCS portal to get access to the documents and meetings.The portal can be found here

MCS certified products

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