TCCA recognises TETRA as a continuously evolving narrowband standard that delivers mission critical service globally every day. The recent work on TETRA encryption update is designed to make TETRA secure for at least the next 20 years. For mission critical users requiring organisation-centric group voice communication and messaging services using narrowband technologies on dedicated frequencies, TETRA remains the optimal multi-vendor interoperable choice for the foreseeable future.

10 January 2024 – TETRA – A resilient force shaping critical communications – read the article here (page 10)

29 December 2023 – New TETRA interoperability results published

14 June 2023 – Webinar – TETRA – New Additional Security Algorithms – view webinar recording here.

6 March 2023 – Securing critical infrastructures against cyber quantum attacks with new TETRA algorithms – read the latest article here

The TETRA standard

The TETRA standard is in practice, a suite of standards covering different technology aspects, for example, air interfaces, network interfaces and its services and facilities. Because TETRA is an evolving standard it has been developed in Releases (phases) known as TETRA Release 1 and TETRA Release 2. Even though both TETRA Releases have been completed, work continues within ETSI Technical Committee (TC) TETRA to further enhance the standard thus satisfying new user requirements as well as gleaning the benefits of new technology innovations.

Further details about ETSI TETRA standards and relevant services and functions can be found in our For TETRA Specialists section here.

Myths and Misconceptions about TETRA

Jose Martin, PowerTrunk CEO, looks at TETRA’s progress in North America in this article (pages 53-54)

The power of TETRA technology

Our TETRA Applications Group sets out the benefits in this article.

Land Mobile Radio Options Expand

In this article, independent analyst Ken Rehbehn considers a secure future for narrowband voice services.

Putting TETRA at the heart of smart cities

In this article, TCCA member Etelm looks at the versatility of the TETRA standard.

Evolution of the Use Case

In this article, Brian Murgatroyd of ETSI TCCE discusses the future of the TETRA standard with Critical Communications Today editor Phil Mason.

Watch our webinar ‘TETRA to 2035 and beyond – an overview of the continuing enhancement of the TETRA standard’ and see the future of TETRA.

The recording of this webinar and details of our other Critical Update webinars can be found here.


TETRA: Trusted Always Everywhere

Although originally conceived in the early 1990s for the European Public Safety Sectors in the framework of the Schengen agreement, TETRA has subsequently been developed to fulfil the operational requirements of a variety of end users. Today it is considered as THE technology of reference WORLDWIDE across all mission and business critical market sectors including Public Safety and Security, Transport, Utilities, Extraction and Mining, Critical National Infrastructure protection and the Military.

TETRA is TRUSTED because it offers to user organisations full CONTROL of their radio communications and related investments, an unrivalled EXPERTISE about professional user needs and an outstanding LONGEVITY of products and services.

TETRA is ALWAYS AVAILABLE as it offers radio communications at any time and in any conditions, INSTANT proving fast access to voice and data services and SECURE thanks to its cutting-the-edge encryption and security-by-design approach.

TETRA is EVERYWHERE available thanks to CUSTOMISED COVERAGE which allows service to be provided even in remote areas, OFF-NETWORK services providing communications directly among radio terminals and a large VARIETY OF DEVICES offering end users the appropriate radio equipment for any operational use.

Further details about the main benefits of TETRA can be found here.

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