TCCA Recommended Procurement Text Library

TCCA Recommended Procurement Text Library

This Library contains the latest versions of TCCA’s Recommended Procurement Texts.

These are produced by TCCA’s Legal and Regulatory Working Group (LRWG).

The intention of TCCA’s Recommended Procurement Texts is to ensure common needs are communicated to the market in order to drive a consistent and global scale 3GPP ecosystem for mission critical devices and services. TCCA encourages incorporating the relevant Recommended Procurement Text language in procurement tenders, contract negotiations or grant funding activities addressing equipment implementing broadband mission critical services.

The first document in the library – MPT-001 – is limited to PTT voice and device conformance testing. New recommendations will be added and existing recommendations will be amended to reflect the evolution of common needs, including evolution of the GCF MCX certification scope, upcoming MCX server testing, mission critical video and data, etc. Specific interoperability testing and certification will need to be addressed on top of conformance testing, as soon as the related interoperability testing and certification processes are in place.

MPT -001Testing, InteroperabilityMCX Conformance Testing – PTT DevicesV1.0 24.10.2023

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