TCCA Working Groups


TCCA Working Groups are set up and managed by TCCA members, and report to the Association Chief Executive and Board.

Broadband Industry Group (BIG)
The BIG facilitates mobile broadband vendor cooperation for the benefit of customers, focused on the development and promotion of global critical communications solutions that are built using 3GPP 4G LTE and 5G standardised technologies.

Critical Communications Broadband Group (CCBG)
The CCBG drives the development and adoption of common global mobile broadband standards and solutions for users who cooperate in a mission critical or business critical environment.

Future Technologies Group
This Group primarily considers emerging technologies, or novel use cases of existing or emerging technologies that are of potential interest to the community served by TCCA. For example, new or novel uses of 5G, trends in the transportation market such as vehicle connectivity, developments in the IOT world that may have impact or relevance on connectivity or data provision to critical communications users.

Legal and Regulatory Working Group
The Legal and Regulatory Working Group focuses on the legal and regulatory issues and challenges related to the evolution from TETRA to broadband services for critical communications. The Working Group is open to governmental operators of critical communications networks.

Marketing Group
The Marketing Group develops and coordinates the integrated marketing communications activity of TCCA, positioning and raising the profile of the Association’s work through the events programme, collateral, media engagement and other market-facing activities. We work with the Association’s event partners to help define the content and direction of TCCA’s Critical Communications events.

SCADA, Smartgrid and IoT Group
A forum for users, manufacturers, system integrators and developers to share experiences and requirements, and catalyse the market for critical communications. Its aim is to encourage and support the development of suitable solutions, both for traditional SCADA and telemetry and for new application areas such as smart grids and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Security & Fraud Prevention Group (SFPG)
The SFPG prepares and manages recommendations on use of encryption in critical communications networks, and controls access to restricted technical information.

Technical Forum
Among other responsibilities, this group converts the service overviews into profile and test documents which will be used for the Interoperability Testing and Certification process (IOP), and provides a key forum for knowledge exchange.

TETRA Applications Working Group
TETRA applications offer many efficiencies and possibilities for critical communications users. This Apps Working Group works on enabling mission critical data and applications in an interoperable way on TETRA and broadband networks.

TETRA Industry Group (TIG)
TIG works to promote TETRA, develop the technology and advocate an evolutionary path towards future solutions for the mission critical communications market that TETRA serves, based on open standards. It develops expertise on the strengths of TETRA and LTE as competing, complementary or integrated solutions for this market.

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