Approved Change Requests to TF Specifications (CR001 to CR099)

On this page you can find and download all approved Change Requests (CRs) to Technical Forum specifications from CR001 to CR099.

The following information is given in the table:

  • No.: The number of the CR. Each approved CR gets a unique sequential number.
  • Ver.: The version number of the CR.
  • To Specification: The specification number and specification version to which the CR applies.
  • Title: The title of the CR.
  • Affected Clauses: The clauses in “To Specification” which are modified by the CR.
  • Incorporated in: The specification number and (new) specification version in which the CR was incorporated. Because incorporated CRs are part of the new version of the specifications they are superfluous and shown on red background.
  • Impact/Implemented: in case a TIP CR has an impact on the Test Plan, or a Test Plan CR has an impact on the TIC-RT this impact is listed in this column as follows:
    • n/a                  not applicable, e.g. CR to a process document
    • no                    no impact on Test Plan (for a TIP CR) or on TIC-RT (for test plan CR)
    • Test Plan        this TIP CR has an impact on the Test Plan, but corresponding Test Plan CR is not approved yet
    • TIC-RT           this Test Plan CR has an impact on the TIC-RT, but corresponding TIC-RT has not been updated yet
    • CR999            CR ID of the corresponding Test Plan CR where the impact is implemented
    • v999                version of the corresponding TIC-RT where the impact is implemented (or done if version is not known)
  • Comment: An additional comment to the CR. This is usually the TF document number of the CR when it was approved by the TF.

Approved Change Requests are part of the specification and automatically apply to it.

Please submit new Change Requests to the chairman of the Technical Forum (contact details can be found on the Technical Forum page).

Change Requests (CR)

No. Ver. To Specification Title Affected Clauses Incorporated in Impact/ Implemented Comment
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CR099 1 IOP001-03_v110_DGNA Delete test 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 1.1 IOP001-03_v200_DGNA n/a TF05-33-12
CR098 1 TTR001-05_v100_PD Size of TL-SDU segments on the uplink and the downlink 6.3 TTR001-05_v200_PD no TF05-33-27 (updated version of the CR TF05-32-33). Not included in version 2.0.0 but provided as CR097
CR097 1 TTR001-05_v200_PD Size of TL-SDU segments 6.5 TTR001-05_v300_PD-TEDS no TF05-33-26
CR096 1 TTR001-01_v481_Core Adding explicit statement that the use of Transmission trunking is not covered by TIP 4, 7.2.1 TTR001-01_v500_Core no TF05-33-25 Minor editorial changes implemented.
CR095 1 TTR001-02_v101_SDS Immediate Text messaging New clauses 8.3 and 8.4 (Tables 9 and 10). TTR001-02_v200_SDS no TF05-33-19 Minor editorial changes implemented.
CR094 1 TTR001-11_v100_AIE Clarification on use of U-OTAR CCK RESULT. 2.6.12 CCK Provide TTR001-11_v200_AIE no TF05-33-17
CR093 1 TTR001-12_v100_SI It is not the TCH, which carries the signalling; it is Traffic Physical Channel. 3.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.6.1, 6.6.2, 6.6.3, 6.6.4, 6.7.1, 6.7.2, 6.7.3, 6.7.4, 6.8.1, 6.8.3, 6.9.1, 6.9.3 TTR001-12_v110_SI no TF05-33-14
CR092 1 TTR001-01_v481_Core MS may not suspend the sleeping cycle upon a single decode failure 14.1.12 TTR001-01_v500_Core Not tested TF05-33-13
CR091 1 TTR001-12_v100_SI D-RELEASE to disconnecting party should be mandatory, not optional sub-clause 6.9.1 TTR001-12_v110_SI v100 TF05-33-11
CR090 1 IOP001-01_v110_Core Additional expected result during PSTN call Queuing 8.2 and 8.1 IOP001-01_v200_Core no TF05-32-28a
CR089 1 IOP001-01_v110_Core Deletion of the reference to SDS TIP (TTR001-02) and SDS related test cases from CORE test plan References, 9.5, 9.6, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4 IOP001-01_v200_CoreIOP001-01_v200_Core v207 TF05-32-23
CR088 1 IOP001-02_v110_SDS Relocation of MS-ISDN addressed SDS-TL test cases 9.5 and 9.6 from CORE (TTR001-01) test plan to SDS (TTR001-02) test plan 1.4.4, 1.4.5 and Abbreviations IOP001-02_v200_SDS v107 TF05-32-22
CR087 1 IOP001-11_v110_AIE Alignment of references in Air Interface Encryption test spec. IOP 001-11 with CR TF04-31-17 Tests,,,,, 1.4.1, 1.4.2,,,,,,,,,,,, 2.4.1 and 2 IOP001-11_v200_AIE no TF05-32-19
CR086 1 TTR002-02_v101_DGW Reservation 6.5 and 6.5.1 TTR002-02_v110_DGW no TF05-33-10 amends document TF05-32-07
CR085 1 TTR002-02_v101_DGW DM-MS procedures when involved in a call via DMO gateway 6.3.3 TTR002-02_v110_DGW no TF05-33-09 amends document TF05-32-06.
CR084 1 TTR002-02_v101_DGW Individual call set-up failure 6.4.3 and 6.4.4 TTR002-02_v110_DGW TF05-33-08 amends document TF05-32-05
CR083 2 TTR001-03_v103_DGNA Incorrect details in Annex B & proprietary element value Ô1Õ has now officially been assigned to TETRA MoU 7.2 (Table 1); titles for sections 9 & 10; 10.2 TTR001-03_v200_DGNA no TF05-32-31
CR082 1 TTR001-11_v100_AIE Validity of DCK forwarding 2.3.10 TTR001-11_v200_AIE no TF05-32-24
CR081 1 TTR001-01_v481_Core Clarify that call modification relates solely to changes made during the call setup phase 7.5.2, 9.6.2 TTR001-01_v500_Core no TF05-32-11
CR080 1 TTR001-05_v100_PDe Possible maximum number of neighbour cells (i.e. 31) should be explicitly stated 10 TTR001-01_v500_Core no TF05-32-09
CR079 1 TTR001-05_v100_PD Clarification of Advanced link setup after cell re-selection 7.10, 7.10.1 and 7.10.2 TTR001-05_v200_PD no TF04-31-40 Editorial changes implemented.
CR078 1 OP001-01_v110_Core Unannounced cell re selection 7.3.1,,, and IOP001-01_v100_Core n/a TF04-31-39 CR100 is equivalent, and applies for v2.0.0
CR077 1 TTR001-09_v103_AL Need of MS to appear as an unused terminal calrified as a requirement. SS AL call clearance before setting up a call 2.5.4, 2.5.6 TTR001-09_v200_AL no TF04-31-38
CR076 1 TTR001-01_v481_Core NULL PDU when in downlink control channel (MCCH, SCCH, FACCH, and SACCH) 14.1.5 TTR001-01_v500_Core no TF04-31-33
CR075 1 TTR001-01_v481_Core SwMI shall not force an MS into energy economy 14.1.12 TTR001-01_v500_Core Not tested TF04-31-32
CR074 1 TTR001-01_v481_Core Clarification for of energy economy mode state for different registration types 14.1.12 TTR001-01_v500_Core Not tested TF04-31-31
CR073 1 TTR001-02_v101_SDS Clarification on maximum text message length that can be transmitted through basic link according to the SDS-TL protocol 8, 8.1.1,,, Annex A.1 Ð A.4. A5 is renumbered. TTR001-02_v200_SDS no TF04-31-30
CR072 1 IOP001-01_v110_Core Adding of two (2) call modification test cases into CORE test plan,,, IOP001-01_v200_Core v207 TF04-31-28
CR071 1 TTR001-01_v481_Core MS action on SwMI sending a warning about imminent call disconnection Sub-clause 7.3 Call Maintenance TTR001-01_v500_Core CR173 TF04-31-27
CR070 1 TTR001-01_v481_Core Periodic registration when LA timer expires sub-clause 6.4 TTR001-01_v500_Core CR189 TF04-31-26
CR069 1 TTR001-01_v481_Core Modification of broadcast and p2mp call setups Add a sentence to the new sub-clause 9.7 TTR001-01_v500_Core Not tested TF04-31-25
CR068 1 IOP002-01_v101_DCore Call transaction timer is actually set to 120 sec. We suggest a lower value (20 sec) 5:Table 2 IOP002-01_v103_DCore TF04-31-20 Editorial changes implemented.
CR067 1 TTR001-01_v481_Cor Resource pre-emption in pre-emptive priority calls 7.6, 9.7 (added by CR52) TTR001-01_v500_Core CR062 TF04-31-19 Editorial changes implemented
CR066 1 TTR001-01_v481_Core Addition of Priority call sub-clauses 7 and 9 TTR001-01_v500_Core CR132 TF04-31-18
CR065 1 TTR001-11_v100_AIE Clarification of Call Related Signalling and Call Unrelated Signalling clauses. 2.3.16 and 2.3.17 TTR001-11_v200_AIE no TF04-31-17
CR064 1 IOP002-01_v101_DCore Tests employ an individual call (an optional feature) and not a group call (a mandatory feature) where the call type is not relevant 2.15 & 2.17 WITHDRAWN TF04-31-13. Withdrawn updated by CR119
CR063 1 TTR001-02_v101_SDS Support of decomposable vs decomposed characters in the UTF-16BE extension to UCS-2 coding scheme. 3.1,, Table 7 TTR001-02_v200_SDS no TF04-31-12
CR062 1 IOP001-01_v110_Core Tests for Priority Call and Pre-emptive Priority Call 3 and 4 IOP001-01_v200_Core v207 TF04-30-21
CR061 1 IOP001-01_v110_Core Tests for downlink FACCH and SACCH 10.5 – 10.8 IOP001-01_v200_Core v207 TF04-30-17
CR060 1 IOP001-05_v110_PD To add the reference to subclause 7.3.2 1.3.5 IOP001-05_v200_PD no TF04-30-12
CR059 1 IOP001-11_v110_AIE Missing test for ITSI attach on a 3 system being sent encrypted 2.1 IOP001-11_v200_AIE v100 TF04-30-05
CR058 1 IOP001-11_v110_AIE Clarification of specific DCK handover tests and the use of U-OTAR PREPARE,, and IOP001-11_v200_AIE v100 TF04-29-09
CR057 1 TTR001-09_v103_AL Inconsistencies in SS-AL TIP with respect to CLIR, TTR001-09_v200_AL no TF04-29-08
CR056 1 TTR001-15_v100_CAD MS behaviour on receiving an SS PDU for an SS that it does not support. 6.4.1 and 6.4.2 TTR001-15_v110_CAD no TF04-29-07
CR055 1 TTR001-01_v481_Core MS behaviour on receiving an SS PDU for an SS that it does not support. 15 TTR001-01_v500_Core Not tested in Core TF04-29-06
CR054 1 TTR001-01_v481_Core TETRA Network Time Broadcast 2, 10 TTR001-01_v500_Core Not tested TF04-28-17
CR053 1 TTR001-11_v100_AIE Alignment of DCK changeover behaviour and impact of Encryption State change with 392-7 v 2.1.20 2.6.6, (New) 2.7 DCK Synchronization & (new)2.8 Sealing CCK for Delivery TTR001-11_v200_AIE no TF04-28-16
CR052 1 TTR001-01_v481_Core Pre-emptive priority call 2, 7, 9 TTR001-01_v500_Core CR062 TF04-28-13
CR051 1 IOP001-01_v110_Core Test 7.2.3, Queuing during Group call restoration, Transmitting (Announced type 3) 7.2.3 IOP001-01_v200_Core no TF03-27-24
CR050 1 IOP001-01_v110_Core Possible misinterpretation caused by test case titles 2.1.1, 2.1.3, IOP001-01_v200_Core n/a TF03-27-07
CR049 1 IOP001-01_v110_Core Error in test 4.1.3 Individual call setup, resource queuing 4.1.3 IOP001-01_v200_Core no TF03-27-06
CR048 1 IOP001-01_v110_Core Error in test 3.8 Group scanning 3.8 IOP001-01_v200_Core no TF03-27-05
CR047 1 IOP001-01_v110_Core Error in test 3.3 Group call setup, resource queuing 3.3 IOP001-01_v200_Core no TF03-27-04
CR046 1 TTR001-01_v481_Core Energy Economy Groups in group communication mode 14.1.12 TTR001-01_v500_Core CR117 TF03-27-19
CR045 1 TTR001-01_v481_Core Definition of Subscriber broadcast from Air Cells in TETRA. Annex C (new) TTR001-01_v500_Core Tested in IOP001-16 A2G (sort of). Test 3.1 has Error in reference, should be [2] TF03-27-18
CR044 1 TTR001-01_v481_Core Contents of D-NWRK-BROADCAST not defined in TIP, and MS behaviour 10 TTR001-01_v500_Core no TF03-27-17
CR043 1 TTR001-01_v481_Core Misalignment of basic service information between MS and SwMI in call restoration 10.2.1, 10.2.2, 10.2.3 TTR001-01_v500_Core Not tested TF03-27-15
CR042 1 TTR001-01_v481_Cor Broadcast call and broadcast address should be defined in TIP Core. 8.1. Add new sub-clause 9.7 TTR001-01_v500_Core CR216 v2 TF03-27-14
CR041 1 TTR001-13_v100_ED Enable / Disable interaction with call services 3.1, 3.2, 6.3.1 TTR001-13_v100_ED no TF03-27-12
CR040 1 TTR001-04_v200_Auth Mutual authentication: presence of authentication downlink in D-LOCATION UPDATE ACCEPT 6.4.2, 6.4.3 TTR001-04_v300_Auth no
CR039 1 TTR001-10_v101_E2EE Use of the term call maintenance in 2.3.2 is not strictly correct 2.3.2 TTR001-10_v200_E2EE no
CR038 1 TTR001-01_v481_Core Addition of FCS to short uplink TL-SDUs 14.2.2 TTR001-01_v500_Core Not tested
CR037 1 TTR001-11_v100_AIE Feature Interaction between SIM support and Air Interface Encryption Add new clause 2.6.13 Ð Key Generation TTR001-11_v200_AIE no
CR036 1 TTR001-04_v200_Auth Editorial corrections to Authentication TIP 2. 6.1 TTR001-04_v300_Auth no
CR035 1 TTR001-03_v103_DGNA Incorrect details in Annex B 7.2 (Table 1); titles for sections 9 & 10; 10.2 WITHDRAWN CR137 recommended by CRo &  n/a recommended by GT Withdrawn: Replaced by CR TF05-32-31
CR034 1 TTR001-01_v481_Core CoU of the group in case the group attachment fails 8.2.11 TTR001-01_v500_Core Not tested
CR033 1 TTR001-11_v100_AIE Recommended mechanism for distributing OTAR demands during notification period of a key or security change 2.3.10 TTR001-11_v200_AIE no
CR032 1 TTR001-11_v100_AIE Clarification of MS and SwMI behaviour for CK requests during location updating 2.3.6, 2.3.7, 2.6.1, 2.6.4, 2.6.5, 2.6.6, 2.6.9, 2.6.10 TTR001-11_v200_AIE no
CR031 1 TTR001-01_v481_Core Default attachment lifetime clarification 8,3 TTR001-01_v500_Core no
CR030 1 TTR001-16_v200_A2G cross Reference Error 6.4. TTR001-16_v210_A2G no
CR029 1 TTR001-11_v100_AIE Clarification on use of D-CK CHANGE DEMAND 2.3.11 TTR001-11_v200_AIE v207
CR028 1 TTR001-11_v100_AIE Clarification on use of U-OTAR CCK DEMAND 2.6.12 TTR001-11_v200_AIE no
CR027 1 TTR001-01_v481_Core Base Station (BS) fallback operation where some fallback BS in a SwMI are providing services and some are not. 13.3.2, 13.5 TTR001-01_v500_Core Tests for BS in fallback not offering services introduced in IOP001-01 v2.0.0, CR not found
CR026 1 TTR001-02_v101_SDS Obsolete standard references in SDS TIP 2, 4, 5.2, 6.1, 8.1, Annex A (A.1, A.2.1, A.2.3, A.5), Annex B and Annex B.1. TTR001-02_v200_SDS no
CR025 1 TTR001-11_v100_AIE SCK Storage in MS 2.3.6 and TTR001-11_v200_AIE no
CR024 1 TTR001-01_v481_Core Removal of ÔEmergency RequestÕ status as an acknowledgement TTR001-01_v500_Core no
CR023 1 TTR001-01_v481_Core TPI Abbreviations TTR001-01_v500_Core no
CR022 1 TTR001-05_v100_PD Status of SNDCP header compression feature TTR001-05_v200_PD no
CR021 1 TTR001-11_v100_AIE Storage of DCK when SC2/3-MS is operating in SC2 2.3.6 TTR001-11_v200_AIE no
CR020 1 TTR001-11_v100_AIE MS Behaviour during DCK forwarding and DCK retrieval 2.3.10 TTR001-11_v200_AIE no
CR019 1 TTR001-01_v481_Core Pre-emptive priority call 2, 7 WITHDRAWN n/a Withdrawn: Replaced by CR number 52
CR018 1 TTR001-01_v3013_Core Reception of SwMI initiated call disconnection (MS behaviour 7.4, 9.1.1 and 9.3 WITHDRAWN n/a Withdrawn: Due to only having been WG accepted and not TF accepted
CR017 1 TTR001-12_v100_SI Clarifications on speech call interaction managed by the SwMI 1 TTR001-12_v110_SI no
CR016 1 TTR001-04_v100_Auth TEI Query TTR001-04_v200_Auth no
CR015 1 TTR001-01_v3013_Core Reception of SwMI initiated call disconnection (MS behaviour) 7.4, 9.1.1 and 9.3. TTR001-01_v481_Core No
CR014 1 TTR001-05_v100_PD Clarification of Bandwidth Negotiation on Advanced Link Setup 8.2.1 and 8.3. TTR001-05_v200_PD no
CR013 1 TTR001-02_v101_SDS Support for ISO8859-5 (Cyrillic) Data Coding Scheme (Table 7). TTR001-02_v200_SDS no
CR012 1 TTR001-11_v100_AIE Correction to Time Type 2.3.13 TTR001-11_v200_AIE no
CR011 1 TTR001-02_v101_SDS SDS-TL report request Tables 4 and 7. Clauses 8.1.2 and A.5.2. TTR001-02_v200_SDS no Should be merged with CR 02
CR010 1 TTR001-10_v101_E2EE Slot granting delay in conjunction with E2E encrypted basic link 2.3. TTR001-10_v200_E2EE no
CR009 1 TTR001-01_v3013_Core Cell re-select parameters as in EN 300 392-2 v. 2.3.2 5.2 and 10.2. TTR001-01_v481_Core No
CR008 1 TTR001-01_v3013_Core Usage of D-TX WAIT and D-X CONTINUE/D-TX GRANTED in group call 9.3. TTR001-01_v481_Core Not tested
CR007 1 TTR003-01_v121_IMM Result of a successfull authentication of the MS is sent to HSwMI for statistical purposes 3.4.2 (Figure 10) WITHDRAWN n/a Withdrawn: Due to only having been WG accepted and not TF accepted
CR006 1 TTR003-01_v100_IMM De-registration service shall not be initiated on unsuccessfull authentication of the MS 3.4.2 (Figures 11 and 12). TTR003-01_v121_IMM No
CR005 1 TTR001-03_v103_DGNA Support for UCS2 (16-bit) alphabet coding scheme 8.1 (Table 10). TTR001-03_v200_DGNA no
CR004 1 TTR001-02_v101_SDS Support for UCS2 (16-bit) alphabet coding scheme and TTR001-02_v200_SDS CR122
CR003 1 TTR001-02_v101_SDS SDS-TL delivery report requests 8.1.2, A.5.5.1 and A.5.2. TTR001-02_v200_SDS no
CR002 1 TTR001-02_v101_SDS Correction to CRC calculation algorithm and correction to FCS test vectors Annex B. TTR001-02_v200_SDS no
CR001 1 TTR001-05_v100_PD Update of PDUs 8.1.1 and 8.2.1. TTR001-05_v200_PD no