Zetron’s AcomEVO Provides New Wired Interface to Cassidian’s TETRA System

Zetron announced the release of a new wired interface between its Advanced Communications (AcomEVO) system and Cassidian’s TETRA network.

Redmond, WA, May 15, 2014 – Zetron, a leading provider of mission-critical communication systems for public safety, transportation and utilities worldwide, announced that it has developed a second wired interface to a TETRA infrastructure for itsAdvanced Communications (AcomEVO) system. The new wired interface was developed for Cassidian’s TETRA system. Itsupports a range of key features, including: 

  • Individual call (hooked or direct, full/half duplex)
  • Group call
  • Priority call (priority = Normal, pre-emptive, or emergency)
  • Emergency call
  • Status
  • Call alert
  • Short data
  • Short text 

Wired interfaces provide a more efficient means of communication for large radio networks and support greater voice and data capabilities than other forms of connectivity.  

“Our new wired interface to Cassidian’s TETRA systems is an important addition to the list of more than a dozen other interfaces currently available on AcomEVO,” said Zetron V.P. of Product Management, Kathy Broadwell. “Combining Zetron’s AcomEVO with Cassidian’s TETRA infrastructure creates a very reliable, high-quality communications system.” 

Zetron previously developed a wired interface connecting AcomEVO and Rohill’s TetraNode system, and wireless TETRA interfaces to Motorola, Sepura and Cassidian radios based on the TETRA PEI standard. Where wired connections are more suitable for large networks, wireless interfaces are ideal for smaller operations and mobile-command environments. AcomEVO’s support for both wired and wireless interfaces ensure that it is able to the cover the full range TETRA console applications.

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