Zetron Offers HD-Quality IP-based Video and Audio Recording for Interrogation Rooms

Zetron announced that it is now offering AVfusion, a breakthrough IP-based video and audio-recording product that brings all the benefits of HD-quality IP cameras to a turn-key, easy-to-use interrogation-room system. Zetron will be demonstrating AVfusion at the APCO Conference in Washington D.C., August 17-18, 2015. 

Redmond, WA, U.S.A., August 13, 2015Zetron, a leading provider of mission-critical communications solutions worldwide, announced that it is now offering AVfusion, a breakthrough IP-based video-recording product designed for use in law-enforcement agency interrogation rooms. AVfusion produces high-quality audio-visual recordings of interviews with suspects, victims and witnesses. The product’s ease of use and high-definition quality help ensure the integrity of interviews and protect officers from allegations of coerced confessions or the mistreatment of suspects. 

AVfusion offers vast improvements over other solutions—such as antiquated VHS, DVD, and DVR technologies, and those utilizing analog cameras—that have been used previously to record interviews and interrogations. AVfusion is a networked product, so sessions can be viewed remotely from any secure location on the network. The system can record a single interrogation room or multiple interrogation rooms simultaneously. Most importantly, an agency can realize the superior video quality IP cameras provide without the risk that the audio and video will become out of synch over time. This is possible because AVfusion’s unique approach ensures that audio and video are permanently synched and can thus guarantee the integrity of the recording, no matter how many times it is played back. This capability produces high-quality, digitally watermarked recordings that can be used confidently as evidence in court. 

AVfusion also includes the capability to:

  • Launch or stop recording sessions quickly with the press of a button.
  • Catalog sessions with entered data or inserted bookmarks.
  • Search and retrieve recordings from any secure desktop on the network that is running AVfusion software. The AVfusion database is searchable by key words, such as investigator, suspect, victim or witness name; date; and many other variables.
  • Zoom in on playback. 

“We are very pleased to add AVfusion to our video offerings,” said Zetron V.P. and General Manager, Kathy Broadwell. “Video is becoming an increasingly indispensable tool for public-safety and law-enforcement entities. And it’s clear that AVfusion brings dramatic improvements to the technology. Its IP-based features and flexibility, ease of use, and high quality all help ensure the integrity of evidence that is gathered during interviews and might be used in criminal and other proceedings. This not only benefits law enforcement, but ultimately helps protect the larger community as well.”

Zetron will be demonstrating AVfusion in its booth at the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) Conference in Washington D.C., August 17-18, 2015. Zetron will also demonstrate its video-management system with integrated access control at APCO. 

For more information, contact Zetron at (425) 820-6363, or contact your local authorized Zetron reseller.

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