Zetron DCS-5020 Now Includes IP Connectivity and Motorola TETRA Interface

The new release of Zetron’s DCS-5020 console system includes IP capabilities, an interface to Motorola’s MTM5400 TETRA radio, improves console development features, and improves language support.

Redmond, WA, U.S.A., September 13, 2012 – Zetron, a leading provider of mission-critical communications solutions worldwide, announced the new release of its DCS-5020 Digital Console System. Key features and benefits of the release include:

  • The ability to use Zetron Radio-over-IP (RoIP) technology to connect console positions over an IP network. This allows console positions located anywhere on a connected IP network or multiple control centres to connect to a single communications system over IP while still maintaining the system’s core resiliency. In the past, such connections would have required expensive, dedicated link cabling across each site.
  • A new Motorola MTM5400 TETRA radio interface connects to Motorola’s most current TETRA radio and utilizes the feature-rich Peripheral Equipment Interface (PEI) standard.
  • An updated console development environment and updated language-support tools allow the console to utilize advanced graphical user interface (GUI) features. They also fully support Unicode and add improved language support and handling to the DCS-5020s already extensive language capabilities.

“The new release of the DCS-5020 adds important IP capabilities that greatly enhance the system’s flexibility, cost effectiveness and ability to meet customers’ network requirements, now and into the future,” said Zetron VP of product management, Kathy Broadwell. “The system’s updated language and GUI capabilities give the intuitive screen design a new look and feel and make it easier to add additional languages. And the new Motorola TETRA radio interface reinforces the DCS-5020’s position at the forefront of wireless TETRA technology, providing customers with the most up-to-date and inexpensive way to interface a dispatch console to an existing TETRA network.”

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