Zaragoza Police trials first hybrid TETRA WiMAX 3g network

Zaragoza Police trials first hybrid TETRA/WiMAX/3g network 

Zaragoza Police understands the importance of providing the best possible service to its local community. TETRA service was first available in 2005, integrated with existing ICT infrastructure to provide advanced call centre functionality and video monitoring.

Following the 2008 International Fair, ExpoZaragoza, Zaragoza City Hall developed a comprehensive broadband strategy. Following on from the deployment of a city-wide WiFi network, a private mobile WiMAX network was conceived as a way of increasing productivity for the city’s 6,000 municipal employees. During 2009, the first mobile WiMAX trials were undertaken with a network core and some 10 base stations installed. The full roll­out of up to 50 base stations in the licensed 3.5GHz band is taking place this year. From the outset, the City Hall has been working closely with TETRA provider Teltronic so the mobile WiMAX network can be fully integrated with the existing TETRA network.

During late 2009, Teltronic won a public tender for the development and installation of 44 mobile platforms in Zaragoza Local Police vehicles. The first multi-bearer mobile devices were brought into operation during early 2010. Integrated with the TETRA mobile, 3G/WiMAX modems, camera and keyboard, the touch­screen technology provides police officers with a rich applications environment, allowing navigation, e-mail, web browsing as well as video recording and transmission. These services enhance the existing voice and data services already available over TETRA.

Zaragoza City Hall, Zaragoza Police and Teltronic will continue to work closely together to achieve the full integration of the TETRA and mobile WiMAX networks across the Zaragoza metropolitan area as well as developing new services and applications to fulfil the future requirements of all network users.
These are exciting times for the professional mobile communications industry as innovative business and operational models continue to evolve towards a new era of broadband communications.

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