Work safer, smarter and anywhere with Motorola Solutions’ redesigned ATEX radio

  • New MTP8500Ex and MTP8550Ex ATEX TETRA radios unveiled at Critical Communications World conference in Barcelona, 19 – 21 May
  • Built for safety, new radios deliver loud and clear communications under extreme working conditions
  • Enhanced power, receiver sensitivity and battery life provide best coverage possible
  • V.6 ATEX and IECEx-certified for safe operation in potentially explosive working environments

BARCELONA, SPAIN, May 19, 2015 – Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) is radically improving safe communications under hazardous working conditions with the launch of the MTP8000Ex Series TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) ATEX digital two-way radios. Designed for intuitive use in potentially explosive environments – such as those found in the oil & gas industry, fire and rescue, mining and airports – these intrinsically safe, rugged radios deliver best in class transmit power, receiver sensitivity, audio and connectivity for safer, smarter work anywhere. 

“With a distinct, easy to handle T-bar grip, the latest MTP8000Ex Series radios deliver safe operation in the most challenging working environments, where dependable coverage and the ability to clearly communicate are critical for users,” said Manuel Torres, senior vice president and general manager, Europe, Africa, Latin America and Caribbean region, Motorola Solutions. “Both form and function has been completely redesigned and optimized so that the communications experience is not only the safest, but can be tailored to meet a wide variety of roles in hazardous working conditions.” 

As the only ATEX radio with powerful Class 3L transmission and enhanced receiver sensitivity, the MTP8000Ex Series radios deliver the best possible coverage in hazardous locations where other radios would struggle. The distinct color changing signal indicator that circles the base of the handset antenna provides the user with an immediate visual indication if there is coverage in an area, shifting from red to green as radio signal coverage improves. The radios provide the loudest, clearest communications that makes conversation possible, even with constant background noise exceeding 85 decibels.

The MTP8000Ex Series support wired and wireless connectivity to easily adapt to the wide variety of missions encountered in ATEX environments. 

Alongside the MTP8000Ex Series radios, Motorola Solutions will also launch a portfolio of ATEX accessories including the Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM). This RSM provides a physical NEXUS jack connection to extend an ATEX solution with approved earpieces, headsets and breathing apparatus in an end-to-end communications package fit for a multitude of extreme operations. 

The addition of classic Bluetooth (2.1) and secure and energy-efficient Smart Ready Bluetooth (4.0) enables further connectivity and new applications via wireless link to a host of devices including: audio accessories such as push-to-talk (PTT) buttons and RSMs; data collection tablets and smart devices; biometrics including heart rate monitors; location sensors; and environmental sensors that can monitor for, and alert the worker when, dangerous gas levels are detected. This enhanced flexibility, brought about by wired and wire-free connectivity options, helps to redefine ATEX radio systems and add intelligence, dramatically improving workers’ operational capabilities while ensuring the highest level of personal safety.   


  • MTP8500Ex provides a limited keypad. The MTP8550Ex offers a full keypad
  • MTP8000Ex Series is engineered to be durable and ultra rugged, rated, IP65, IP66, IP67
  • Ergonomic T-bar shaped design with dual display (front and top) and textured PTT makes use easier when wearing protective clothing and heavy gloves
  • Emergency button with hot mic and emergency messaging function
  • Text and status messaging
  • Extended battery performance in excess of 16 hours for long shifts and unplanned situations
  • Unique nameplate for simple radio identification

Meets V.6 ATEX and IECEx standards

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