Wider choice for critical communications users as Sepura expands 800MHz capability

Melbourne 21st November 2013  Sepura announces a further addition to its portfolio of products with the launch of its new 800MHz radios at the global critical communications event, Comms Connect, Australia.

Sepura is releasing the STP9000 series of hand-portables and the SRG3900 mobile radios in 800MHz.  Sepura’s leading terminals have been developed in 800MHz variants in order to serve customers in emerging market, including North America and Canada, as well as to provide the opportunity to grow its market share in Australia, Brazil, China, South America and the Asian continent. 

The 800MHz STP9000 series is designed to operate in the world’s most challenging environments, inheriting all of the market leading attributes of Sepura’s flagship STP8000 series hand-portables.  Such attributes are blended with a new generation of highly sensitive GPS with ‘predictive ephemeris’, plus an evolved, more intuitive user interface, improved full duplex audio and battery performance, and a whole new level of robustness –  inherited from the development of Sepura’s state-of-the-art STP8X Intrinsically Safe TETRA radio. The new 800MHz STP9000 series of radios are all IP67 rated and boast a contemporary and cutting-edge look.

In addition, unique in TETRA, the 800MHz STP9000 series’ GPS capability is the most advanced of its kind, permitting the tracking of personnel, even when deployed in environments where other TETRA GPS solutions fail.

Its design retains 100% compatibility with existing STP8000 accessories and software, hence allowing re-use of existing investment and minimising the total cost of ownership. Training costs are also reduced, existing users will find the radios’ evolved UI familiar and new recruits, who are perhaps more familiar with a smart phone, will find it equally intuitive.

The 800MHz SRG3900 is designed to meet the needs of demanding users within the transport, utility and public safety markets looking for a powerful feature-rich TETRA mobile, with flexible installation options, making it suitable for use in cars, trucks, mobile and fixed control rooms, motorcycles, aircraft and even boats and trains. 

The release of the new 800MHz SRG3900 demonstrates Sepura’s continued investment in the 800MHz band. The new 800MHz SRG3900 inherits all of the market leading attributes of its predecessor, such as dual remote console support for maximum flexibility in use, a powerful 10W RF power rating and full gateway and repeater functionality to keep the user connected even in the most challenging of environments. 

Mark Barnby, Senior Product Manager for Sepura commented on this product launch: “The 800MHz market is very important to Sepura. With the delivery of the 800MHz variants of both our market-leading TETRA hand-portable, the STP9000, and the world’s best-selling and most proven TETRA gateway, the SRG3900, we are gearing up for our expansion into North America, and we are also consolidating our position in major emerging markets such as Australia, Brazil and China.”

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