Valid8 Selects Softil BEEHD as a Reference Client for US Government-Sponsored 3GPP MCPTT/MCX Testing Solution

Pioneering solution will be first showcased at PSCR 2020 Digital Experience

Mission-critical communications enabler (MCC or MCX) Softil and network testing solution provider Valid8 today jointly announce that Softil’s BEEHD customizable SDK client framework solution has been chosen by Valid8 as one of the MCX reference clients to support the development of a US government-sponsored 3GPP MCX standard compliant testing solution for the mission-critical communications industry.

Softil’s BEEHD client is the market’s predominant cross-platform SDK client framework for chipset vendors, device manufacturers, system integrators, application developers and service providers to develop IP-based mission-critical voice and video communications over LTE (VoLTE and ViLTE) and 5G solutions.

Valid8 has been at the forefront of MCX testing, having years of experience with mission critical push to talk and public safety testing solutions.  Valid8’s MCX Client Conformance Tester is built upon the company’s deep protocol testing expertise and conformance testing prowess in MCPTT, MCVideo and MCData.  The Valid8 technology was awarded a cooperative agreement from the NIST Public Safety Innovation Accelerator Program.

The NIST project is focused on the development of a tester that can be used by equipment manufacturers to ensure that their equipment meets industry standards and technical specifications. It is important that the tester be manufacturer agnostic, as the Valid8 testing platform is.

As part of the project, next generation MCX emergency communication systems will be able to be tested for compliance to the 3GPP MCX standard feature set as well as for their ability to handle critical spikes in loads during emergencies. This comprehensive testing will ensure that first responders’ communication systems are interoperable and interface securely, and can be automatically updated with developing standards.

“Softil is well known for delivering the BEEHD MCX ready to use client,” said, Ian Carpenter, CEO and President of Valid8.  “It was clear that the technology would seamlessly integrate with our Valid8 MCX testing platform.”

“Valid8 aims to accelerate the adoption of mission-critical devices in the MCX community,” adds Pierre Hagendorf, Softil’s CEO. “By using the BEEHD customizable client to build its tester, it will achieve just that.”

The test platform needs to be easily extensible to keep up-to-date with international 3GPP standards and accommodate the specific test needs of the markets. It must be easy to create, modify and expand test cases as MCX standards continue to evolve.

The new Valid8 tester will have its first industry showing at the PSCR Digital Experience event.

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