U.S. Navy Extends Critical Communications Contract with Motorola Solutions

The US Department of Defense has exercised a contract option valued at $29M with Motorola Solutions, which will extend the operations and maintenance of the US Navy’s land mobile radio (LMR) system.

This is the third year of a multi-year agreement for essential radio communications that the Navy relies on to coordinate deployments and response actions at bases worldwide. The LMR network also enables secure collaboration between Navy emergency services and other federal, state and local agencies involved in public safety.

“The Navy depends on reliable and interoperable communications every day to support their mission-critical operations and help ensure the safety of our service members at Navy facilities around the world,” said Joe Balchune, vice president and general manager, Federal Government Markets, Motorola Solutions. “We are honored to continue to support the security, safety and success of the U.S. Navy’s missions.”

Under the contract with the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Ashore Program, Motorola Solutions will provide preventive maintenance of hardware and software, technology and software upgrades, equipment repair and replacement, management of software licenses and currency, asset and configuration management, password management and vulnerability scanning and benchmark testing.

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