Two tenderers remain in negotiations for new Public Safety Radio Network

Two tenderers remain in negotiations for new Public Safety Radio Network

The development of a new nationwide Public Safety Radio Network, for use by the country’s emergency ‘blue light’ services, is a critical task for Norway. Since the turn of the year, the Ministry of Justice team has been negotiating with three network tenderers and five potential suppliers of emergency control rooms. The procurement of the emergency Public Safety Radio Network is a major investment for Norway, which calls for a great many resources, both from the State as the client, and from the tendering parties. The emergency services themselves have drawn up specifications with more than 4,000 requirements to be met by the emergency radio network and the control room solutions.

The evaluation reports became available towards the end of December 2005, and together with experts from the agencies, and hired consultants, the Ministry’s emergency network project has spent the initial time in discussions in order to gain further insight into various tenders.

Following this thorough analysis and the assessment of the bid strategies that have been proposed by the different tenderers, the Ministry of Justice has decided to carry on its negotiations for the new Public Safety Radio Network with two of the three network tenderers. It has therefore been pointed out to the tenderer concerned, i.e. EADS Defence and Security System SA, that they are no longer deemed to take part in the competition with their proposal based on TETRAPOL technology. This has been notified according to the mandatory rules and regulations pertaining to public procurement.

Tor Helge Lyngstl, Head of Project of the Public Safety Network project states “We are now negotiating with two tenderers for the network, where they are both offering TETRA technology, and with four tenderers for emergency control rooms. We do not consider the competition for developing the network to have suffered as a result of this decision”.

The primary objective of the Ministry team is that the rollout of the country’s new emergency Public Safety Radio Network will commence in the autumn of 2006.

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