TWO German control centres select FREQUENTIS’ voice communication solution ASGARD for emergency call management

The fully redundant and VoIP-based voice communication system ASGARD provides professional communication management for safety-critical control centres and is already in use at multiple locations across Germany. The latest wins will support Germany’s public safety digital radio network in North Rhine-Westphalia and an emergency call centre in South Germany, in two separate projects.

ASGARD integrates all control centre communications into one application. It is one of the most advanced voice messaging systems for public authorities and business organisations with safety-critical tasks. The system design offers the highest reliability and availability and allows for seamless integration into existing infrastructures, while also being prepared for the future. Its modular, completely software-based concept ensures flexibility and can simplify even the most complex requirements. The integrated documentation system records all available information – a crucial requirement for control centres.

 Increased safety in an emergency

 The Märkischer Kreis district in North Rhine-Westphalia handles more than 80,000 emergency calls for the fire brigade and rescue services per year and required a digital radio and emergency call management system with a connection to Germany’s public safety digital radio network (BOS). Here, ASGARD will support eight controller working positions, connected to the BOS via a plug connector for digital radio and integrated voice documentation.

An additional integrated emergency call centre in Biberach in South Germany will also receive ASGARD to enhance the communication required for the arrangement of rescue vehicles, the coordination of civil protection teams, the district fire brigades, the home emergency call centre, and the emergency on call doctor services at weekends.

“Over the years, we have put a lot of energy and dedication into the development of ASGARD in order to ensure improved efficiency and speed in the event of handling an emergency. We are therefore particularly pleased that so many customers have opted for our solution and that we are actually contributing to faster results.” Reinhard Grimm, Managing Director Frequentis Germany.

More than 30 control centres in Germany have already been equipped with ASGARD, including the fire brigade in Reutlingen, the control centre of the fire department in Krefeld – which recently carried out the first eCall automated emergency call, as well as the integrated control centre in Ludwigsburg and the control centre in Heideverbund. ASGARD is equipped for handling an eCall – an emergency call which is generated either manually by vehicle passengers or automatically via in-vehicle sensors in a collision. All new car models in the European market must be equipped with eCall technology as of 31 March 2018.

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