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TETRA World Congress

The products, the people – it was the place to be seen 

The Security and Fraud Prevention Group – spreading the word in Madrid 


Rohill showed its commitment to open standards with the Line Dispatch Station Chameleon. 4d_Chameleon.jpg

Portalify’s Secure Client – a new concept in data messaging for TETRA networks. The Secure Client changes its appearance and functionality depending on user needs and preferences. 4f_Portalify.jpg

SELEX Communications Executive Vice President of Sales, Vittorio Biscarini (right), and Indra’s Operations Manager, Santiago Roura, signed an agreement to commercialise TETRA solutions in the Spanish market.4g_Selex.jpg1

TETRAtab has partnered with Informatrix to develop a portable personal computer device with full QWERTY keyboard to enable richer use of data across secure networks.

TETRAtab can either operate across TETRA networks in isolation, or in a multibearer environment, depending on user preferences. The integration of the TETRA radio and associated casing provides a solution suitable for use in the field, without compromising device weight or usability.


TETRAsim has a new range of radio simulators for Sepura models SRH3500, SRM3500 and SRG3500 that will operate as “real” radio devices. They connect to the training platform so instructors can easily monitor the users’ training progression and provide help whenever needed. This will help
user organizations to better utilise TETRA networks.

The world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of antennas for mobile communication, Germany’s Kathrein Werke KG, launched its first TETRA antenna with adjustable electrical down tilt. This capability, used in network planning and optimization, enables the operator to adjust the electrical tilt of the vertical pattern from 0 up to 14 degrees.  The new antenna is designed with 65° HPBW and 14dBi gain. 4j_Kathrein.jpg

FEDETEC’s GEMYC Distributed Platform (Emergency and Communications Management), makes each mobile unit an active party and works like a control room dispatcher wherever it is, with “pocketGEMYC”.

The inclusion of “pocketGEMYC” as a pocket dispatcher for the field units makes it possible to increase field unit performance by undertaking the tasks which were traditionally completed by the control room.


Sepura announced a range of solutions including the S-link adaptor, which attaches to the base of any Sepura hand-held radio and instantly equips the radio with Bluetooth. The adaptor, which supports Class 2 devices, makes it possible to use almost any commercially available Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth-enabled data device (such as a low-cost PDA, tablet PC, fingerprint readers and passport readers) in conjunction with any Sepura hand-held radio.

For application developers, the S-link adaptor also opens the way for the creation of a new range of specialist data solutions for public-safety professionals.


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