Toulon moves forward with Sepura

Toulon moves forward with Sepura

26th May 2009

A large range of public services in Toulon Provence Mditerrane, France is about to benefit from a roll-out of Sepura TETRA radios. Over 2,000 end users will operate on the new digital network deployed in the locality surrounding the French city.

Toulon Provence Mditerrane is the District Council for the city of Toulon and its surrounding municipalities. Toulon Provence Mditerrane has a wide range of responsibilities relating to the District, including core facilities and utilities such as public transport and waste management. Responsible also for road, waterways and parking, the management of such a large agglomeration requires cross agency communication in the event of major incidents. The new network is therefore perfect
for local communities as it provides coverage for the whole area.

Local police, parking wardens and local utilities will use Sepura’s hand-held andhand-portable radios on a TETRA network that integrates all of the area’s municipal services in normal, every day activities as well as emergency situations. Other municipal users will include construction and public areas maintenance teams as well as sports and leisure organisations.

In a contract secured by SYSOCO (, Sepura’s distributor in France, Toulon follows the lead of many other French local authorities and municipalities that have selected TETRA and Sepura radios to provide reliable and secure communications.

Toulon is a thriving tourism and manufacturing centre and is headquarters to the French Navy’s Mediterranean Fleet. The province, comprising eleven surrounding towns, has a population over 500,000 and covers an area of 1200km2.

Pierre Letta, Sales and Marketing Director for SYSOCO, said: “Toulon had seen how well Sepura radios have worked in other French cities. It is set to be a classic example of how all the key municipal services can be on one communications platform – a factor that could be of incredible assistance in an emergency”.

Emanuele Algieri, Regional Sales Director for Sepura, commented “This project is a further example of Sepura leading the way in answering the communications needs of a large municipal area, by providing a secure and continuous digital radio structure.”

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