TMO-100 – The Worlds First Speaking TETRA Modem

The TMO-100 is the World First “speaking” TETRA Data Modem. Depending on events like digital or analog inputs as Alarms, Pressure, Voltage, Power Down, RSSI level the device can transmit pre stored spoken voice messages to single ISSI or to groups. Applications for the speaking modem are workers, officers and personal that is not able to read SDS or status messages because they are driving a car or bus or due to their duty not able to keep the TETRA handset in their hands.

Additional to recordable speech messages the device can speak numbers, days of the week month’ and other important parameter allowing also dynamic values (level, pressure, voltages, current, flow, … ) to be spoken.

Of course all SCADA and Telemetry features are also available on that multi featured device. It can be used for a wide range of SCADA and Automation applications in Water, Wastewater Utilities, Gas and Oil applications, Airports, Public Transportation and many more.

Embedded serial protocols (Modbus RTU, DNP3, 60870-5-101, Siemens Sinaut, BSAP, ROC, …) and the embedded IP router with NAT and Port forwarding allowing the use of  IP based protocols when using Packet data or Multi Slot Packet data.

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