The world’s best-selling TETRA Gateway just got better

The world’s best-selling TETRA Gateway just got better.

SRG3900 TETRA Gateway Repeater

25 May 2010, Singapore – Sepura announces the unveiling of its new Colour Console and SRG3900 TETRA Gateway Repeater radio at the TETRA World Congress 2010 in Singapore. The SRG3900 is the latest evolution of Sepura’s market-leading SRG3500 gateway radio, which has become the TETRA gateway of choice for users from around the globe.

The SRG3900 incorporates all of the market leading features of the best selling SRG3500 gateway* and repeater** including dual console support and outstanding 10 Watts RF Power – which gives this radio the greatest operational range of any TETRAterminal on the market today. It also supports the enhanced colour user interface of Sepura’s flagship STP hand-portable, already well-known to Sepura users.

The new Sepura Colour Console (SCC) complements the SRG3900 radio. The console’s large high resolution colour screen allows the display of high quality photographs and maps. With the introduction of three text mode sizes and a new ‘night mode’ which reduces glare – ideal when driving at night – Sepura has taken every possible care to ensure an enhanced user experience. Together, the SCC and SRG3900 incorporate many of the market-leading features of Sepura’s flagship STP8000 hand-portable that Sepura users find particularly beneficial during busy periods, such as a very large mode text, context keys – for a more intuitive use – and missed events notification. In addition, the SCC offers high levels of water and dust protection (reflected in its IP67 rating) which make it ideal for installations on motorbikes and fire engines. With the addition of the Sepura Colour Console to its product portfolio, Sepura now offers the widest range of consoles in TETRA.

The SRG3900 and the SCC are both 100% backward compatible with existing installations of Sepura radios; organisations will be able to upgrade to the new SRG3900 or SCC without the need to rewire their vehicles, hence saving considerable time and cost.

Mark Barnby, Product Manager for Sepura commented: “At Sepura we are fully aware that our customers’ investment in TETRA equipment and vehicle installations can be considerable. When we introduce new products we make sure that, wherever possible, we minimise the installation costs. Both the new SRG3900 and Colour Console are perfect examples of this ethos; they simply plug into existing cabling and mountings.

The savings generated for customers by this backward compatibility prove once again Sepura’s proactive response to meeting the needs of the market”. Steve Barber, Head of Product Strategy for Sepura added: “We are proud to announce in this very special forum of the 12thTETRA World Congress, that the SRG3900 Gateway TETRA radio, the Sepura Colour Console (SCC) and our new accessories areready to order NOW. We are confident that the technology enhancements incorporatedin the SRG3900 make it the most competitive TETRA product in the market today”.

*Thegatewayacts as a relay point for both hand-held and other vehicle radios, extending the trunked network into areas of limited coverage or network dead spots usually found insidebuildings, deep inside tunnels or in remote rural locations.

**Therepeaterallows multiple direct mode users to exchange voice and data messages reliablyover a wider area, and in areas with no existing network coverage.

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