The Swedish National Task Force chooses Sepura

The Swedish National Task Force chooses Sepura

The Swedish National Task Force – Nationella Insatsstyrkan (NI) – has selected Sepura TETRA radios for its specialised communications requirements. This important contract was secured by Swedish Radio Supply AB (SRS), Sepura’s long-standing partner in Sweden.

The task force was founded in 1991 as an emergency counter-terrorism unit within the Swedish Police. This national organisation handles particularly dangerous incidents – where lives may be in danger – such as terrorism, hostage situations, kidnappings and crimes involving firearms. All the equipment required by the task force is significantly different from that used by the regular police as, for instance, it includes water-resistant radios and bullet-resistant ceramic vests.
After joining RAKEL – the Swedish national digital network – and further to extensive technical and user trials, the task force selected Sepura STP8000 hand-portable TETRA radios as they fully met the force’s communications requirements. As well as being able to withstand the rigours of a tough physical environment, Sepura radios are also water-resistant; this is one of the force’s fundamental specifications as its teams are occasionally deployed in diving missions.
In addition, the ability to attach to the radio a wide array of single earpieces, water-proof headsets and wireless earphones, was also of paramount influence in the decision to choose Sepura hand-portables. A further crucial benefit is the radios’ high output power (1.8 W) as it enables reliable communications by extending coverage beyond the reach of typical hand-held radios.

In addition, all of the force’s vehicles are equipped with Sepura SRG3500 Mobile Gateway radios, which extends the TETRA network into areas of limited coverage by acting as a relay point between the network and radios operating in Direct Mode. Sepura’s Handset Based Consoles (HBC) have also been installed in some of the force’s vehicles, the HBC is Sepura’s latest mobile radio equipment option which combines the functionality of the traditional radio console and telephone handset.

Jonas Hoke, Key Account Manager for SRS commented: “Sepura radios were chosen after rigorous evaluation and extensive field trials by the Swedish Authorities. The hand-held radio’s ruggedized connector and the mobile’s outstanding transmission power made the final choice so straightforward for the Swedish National Task Force”.

Lars-Magnus Gustafsson, Business Development Manager for Scandinavia and the Baltics said: “Our successful partnership with SRS has enabled us to become a market leader in Sweden. This prestigious contract reinforces our position and our commitment towards the Swedish market”.

The task force has already been deployed in several hostage situations, prison riots and high-risk arrests deemed too dangerous for other police teams. Previously, officers of the task force served on a part-time basis, but nowadays, as training demands and the number of missions are on the increase, all its officers all full-time members.

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