The PNC370: Unlimited Communication

From perfectly organized retail to overcoming day-to-day challenges in the industry: seamless communication doesn’t have to cost the earth. The PNC370, Hytera’s first entirely LTE handheld radio, lends support, bringing team and customer communication to a whole new level. At the PMRExpo, Hytera will showcase exactly how this works in practice.

In a mobile world, teams need instant communication beyond the office or showroom. At the same time, more and more employees are using smartphones and other mobile devices in their day-to-day work. The PNC370 from Hytera makes it possible to combine Android and full PMR functionality: Different types of voice call, such as personal and group calls, with quick call setup and excellent audio quality, as well as app solutions tailored to the specific operation for improved management – any time, anywhere.

PMR technology meets LTE and Wi-Fi

The PNC370 is Hytera’s first broadband radio with a complete focus on PTT over Cellular (PoC). It uses existing LTE and Wi-Fi networks for voice communication and fast data tzweimalansfer. As such, Push-to-Talk always enables flexible connection via 3G and 4G broadband services with a standard SIM card, while also offering excellent coverage in buildings via WLAN.

PNC370 meets retailers’ requirements

Use of data in retail is a growing trend, reflecting the increase in customer-service requirements – such as retrieval of product details –  and offering greater efficiency of warehouse management and inventory workflows. Short response times are fundamental, requiring high availability and fast data transmission. The all-in-one PNC370 radio guarantees quick response times via LTE and Wi-Fi, even in larger building complexes – a daily requirement in the communication between sales and storage locations, for example.

Customer communication – efficient, direct, reliable

Sales staff can communicate directly with warehouse clerks or sales staff at other sites using the compact PNC370. With Push-to-talk (PTT) – direct calls with maximum coverage and no call setup – employees will reliably reach the colleagues they need via a single server-based group call. Queries are answered quickly and customers don’t have to be kept waiting.

The technical properties of the PNC370 eliminate the previous limits of radio coverage by combining the usual advantages of PMRs via PoC with the cost-neutral use of existing wireless networks from anywhere.

App support increases efficiency

The PNC370 represents optimized operations. PoC services and applications tailored to customer needs on Android devices, enable smart, efficient optimization of everyday operations – for example, to detect in good time when reverse vending machines are full or to check prices quickly and efficiently using a barcode reader. This enables the industry to take preventive action and use Android apps to prevent workflows from coming to a halt.

Comprehensive features are packaged in a popular, user-friendly environment to increase coordination and productivity. The PNC370 from Hytera provides an open API (Application Programming Interface) for development and adaptation for third-party providers. Apps which have already been installed can be managed centrally via the remote management and dispatch platform.

Do you want to learn more? Hytera Mobilfunk is presenting the new PNC370 along with other innovative broadband products and solutions at the PMRExpo, from 27th to 29th November in Cologne, in Hall 10 at Stand B02.

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