The municipality of Seville selects Sepura

The municipality of Seville selects Sepura

SECORA, the municipal organisation of the city of Seville has chosen Sepura TETRA radios for its advanced communications requirements. This prestigious contract win was made possible by Telvent, Sepura’s long-standing and valued partner.

Over 3000 Sepura radios will operate on Seville’s metropolitan TETRA network, recently created to address the communications needs of public safety (police, fire and ambulance), utilities (water company), public transport and municipal organisations (environmental services).

Sepura’s SRM3500 TETRA mobile will be used by diverse municipal fleets, in a variety of configurations. These include the GPS option and operation as a fixed and mobile data terminal for SCADA and other data applications. Sepura’s SRH3800 sGPS™ hand-held radio, incorporating the unique and ultra-sensitive sGPS™ device, will be predominantly used by emergency services organisations for its AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) capabilities.

Manuel Snchez Ortega, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Telvent commented: “This project brings state-of-the-art radio communications technology to the city of Seville. It will allow the city to make significant improvements in the provision of municipal services. Daily operations of SECORA’s different municipal groups will also greatly benefit from the adoption of TETRA as the quality of service they provide to the citizens of Seville will be notably enhanced”.

Mr Vctor Martnez Zepeda Commercial Director of Telvent Telecommunications Division said: “SECORA chose Sepura not only for its market-leading reputation, but most of all for its ability to provide unparalleled support and warranty conditions and extremely favourable delivery terms. In addition, the radios are robust, rugged and already abundantly tested by numerous TETRA users world-wide”.

For more information contact:
Rosanna Norman at Sepura Limited
+44 (0) 1223 877 283

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