The German state of Saxony chooses Sepura

The German state of Saxony chooses Sepura

The federal state of Saxony is the seventh German state to select Sepura TETRA radios for its public safety users. The contract, for a total of 30,000 radios, was secured by Selectric Nachrichten Systeme GmbH. The terminals will be supplied to Police, Fire Brigades and Rescue Services in the state. This is the largest contract awarded to date for TETRA radios in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Since the German federal states started going to tender for the supply of TETRA radios to operate on BOS-net – the nationwide German public safety network – Selectric and Sepura have been the successful bidding partners in the federal states of Bremen, Lower Saxony, Hamburg, Bavaria, Baden Wrttemberg and Saxony-Anhalt. The outstanding result of this strong partnership: to date seven of the nine states that have gone to tender have chosen Sepura radios.

Whereas some states have opted for a staggered deployment, Saxony will provide Sepura TETRA radios to all its public safety users at once.

Hendrik Pieper, General Manager for Selectric commented: “Saxony carried out very thorough evaluations and complex tests of all tendered radios before choosing STP8000 hand-portable radios and SRG gateway products from Sepura. This is a further strong testament to Sepura radios’ superior quality and wealth of features.”

Kasper Barfoed, Regional Sales Director for Sepura said: “Through a very close cooperation with Selectric we were quickly able to assess German public safety users’ specific requirements and transform them into products that are proving to be extremely successful in Germany and the world-wide market place.”

Barfoed added: “All the German states to have selected Sepura TETRA radios will adopt the BOS-Safety SIM card from the very first day of deployment; this will provide End-To-End Encryption and consequently make communications even more secure. Sepura radios are the first to support this type of encryption in Germany and the first to achieve successful certification by the BSI – the German authority responsible for ITC security in the country.”

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