The German City State of Hamburg selects Sepura

The German City State of Hamburg selects Sepura

Christoph Ahlhaus, Minister of the Interior for Hamburg and Hendrik Pieper, Selectric GmbH

On Thursday 19th November the Minister of the Interior of the German City State of Hamburg received the first digital TETRA radios for the city’s public safety organisations. This symbolic event was celebrated with an official ceremony which took place at the “Davidwache” Police Station in the heart of Hamburg.

The contract for the delivery of 10,000 Sepura radios – to be supplied over the next three years – has been awarded to Selectric Nachrichten Systeme GmbH following a European-wide tender. The radios will be provided to the police, fire brigades and ambulance services in Hamburg.

The total value of the order amounts to 5,3m, and includes Sepura’s hand-portable and mobile radios for installations in vehicles and desktops in Hamburg’s command and control centres.

The Minister of the Interior for Hamburg Christoph Ahlhaus said: “In Hamburg we are making good progress with the implementation of the new BOS-net. Our fire fighters, police officers and rescue workers have been testing the digital TETRA radios extensively and were very impressed with the terminals’ performance. Our public safety forces need a secure country-wide communication system”.

The first deliveries of Sepura TETRA radios will take place in the beginning of 2010; the first phase of radio user training of police officers and fire fighters has already started. The BOS-network section of Hamburg will go into “advanced test-operation” in the spring of 2010, by which time the police and fire brigades’ control centres will be connected to the BOS-network. The TETRA network for the whole city state of Hamburg is expected to become fully operational by mid October 2010.

Mr Christoph Ahlhaus added: “I was particularly impressed with the radios’ emergency call button as it will improve our employees’ safety. The emergency call functionality of these new digital radios provides improved safety in dangerous situations. User safety is also enhanced by the integrated GPS receiver that enables the control centres to accurately establish the location of the officer in distress”.

Kasper Barfoed, Regional Sales Director for Sepura concluded: “We are proud of this recognition by the Minister of the Interior for Hamburg. His statement is an extremely significant public endorsement of our radios. This contract further emphasises the strength of our successful partnership with Selectric GmbH!”
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