The Future of Mission Critical Communication Solutions

Motorola Solutions helps to build safer cities with intelligence-led policing solutions and unified TETRA and broadband networks.

  • Motorola Solutions’ CommandCentral portfolio and the evolving Connected Police Officer enable increased situational awareness and next generation law enforcement.
  • Unified TETRA and broadband networks provided through WAVETM Work Group Communications.
  • ADVISORTM TPG2200 TETRA pager and new DIMETRATM Express system presented at CC Europe 2017, booth A11, Feb. 8-9, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – February 8, 2017 – The operational landscape of public safety organisations is changing. One of the biggest challenges that public safety professionals face is being forced to deal with the unknown. At Critical Communications Europe 2017, Motorola Solutions will present a set of solutions that are optimized for the requirements of public safety and commercial customers – today and into the future. Motorola Solutions’ mobile intelligence framework features a set of software and services, platforms and devices that span multiple networks and enable interoperability as well as seamless information sharing and collaboration.   INTELLIGENCE-LED POLICING SOLUTIONS At CC Europe, Motorola Solutions will present its CommandCentral portfolio and the evolving Connected Police Officer concept. CommandCentral software applications enable agencies to transform and use data as a force multiplier for increasing situational awareness by unifying it into a real-time, common operating picture. CommandCentral Aware is able to aggregate multiple data sources such as live video feeds, social media activity or national databases in order to deliver a single, real-time operational view to command centre personnel.   For sophisticated law enforcement, Motorola Solutions has further developed the Connected Police Officer concept: When equipped with advanced and future-oriented technology like the Si500 Video Speaker Microphone and the LEX L10 handheld devices, police officers are always connected to the control room and benefit from increased safety and efficiency during operation. The cloud-based CommandCentral Vault application completes the solution by providing enhanced chain-of-custody controls for end-to-end security and content integrity.   UNIFYING TETRA AND BROADBAND NETWORKS Using its WAVE™ Work Group Communications interoperability platform, Motorola Solutions will demonstrate how to connect any device to any network and enable seamless workgroup collaboration. The display at CC Europe demonstrates how new push-to-talk technology helps to unify the capabilities of TETRA and public safety LTE systems through voice and data integration.   “We have developed a powerful set of tools to help make cities safer by increasing public safety’s situational awareness and capabilities through mobile intelligence”, said Mark Schmidl, corporate vice president of sales for Motorola Solutions in Europe, Middle East and Africa. “With our end-to-end interoperable solutions for broadband voice, data, multimedia and various other applications, we are enabling public safety agencies to work faster, safer and more effectively.”   NATIONWIDE PUBLIC-SAFETY NETWORKS LEAD THE WAY INTO THE FUTURE Projects like Nødnett, Norway’s nationwide TETRA radio communications system, or SINE, Denmark’s public safety network, reflect the enormous potential for broadband networks to gather data and transform it into actionable intelligence. Building a seamless collaborative system that connects people with the right information at the right time is the new paradigm for public safety that Motorola Solutions is exploring at CC Europe.   PURPOSE-BUILT SOLUTIONS At CC Europe 2017, Motorola Solutions will also showcase the recent additions to its portfolio of purpose-built solutions, including the ADVISOR TPG2200 TETRA two-way pager. A special highlight is the new DIMETRA Express solution, which will be presented to an international expert audience for the very first time at CC Europe 2017.   ADVISOR TPG2200 TETRA TWO-WAY PAGER To effectively respond to fires, natural disasters and other dangerous incidents, control room, dispatch and medical staff need to know who will be arriving on the scene. With its enhanced wide coverage and extended battery life, the new ADVISOR TPG2200 TETRA two-way pager ensures that firefighters, emergency service personnel and healthcare workers can be reached when they are needed most. For higher efficiency, the TPG2200 pager is simple to use, even with one hand, and allows first responders to quickly read messages on the bright 2-inch colour display. Moreover, it can be carried anywhere thanks to its lightweight, compact and robust design.   DIMETRA EXPRESS ‘ONE-BOX’ TETRA SOLUTION Motorola Solutions’ DIMETRA Express is a single-site TETRA digital radio system that can be deployed within 15 minutes, saving valuable time, and helping to increase performance, reliability and responsiveness. Motorola Solutions DIMETRA Express was developed to meet the demand from customers and partners for a product that is easy to deploy and cost efficient enough to be used for smaller projects. It also enables smaller organisations from across sectors like manufacturing, public transport, hospitality, events or oil and gas, to benefit from high-quality audio, short data services (SDS) and telephony services. The ‘one box’ system integrates base radios and a switch and can be set up and configured by a single Windows or Android laptop or tablet. The entire centralised architecture is then managed and operated through intuitive web-based applications and tools.   Visit our Motorola Solutions expert presentations at CC Europe 2017 on Feb. 8:

  • 12:15 p.m.: “Are industry players meeting the demands of the end user?” by Ricardo Gonzalez, EMEA Strategy Director at Motorola Solutions
  • 2:50 p.m.: “Should cross-border interoperability be replicated across other countries?” by Jeppe Jepsen, Director of International Business Relations at Motorola Solutions
  • 4:55 p.m.: “How can we ensure closer collaboration between countries’ networks?” by Steen Petersen, Director – TETRA Infrastructure Customer Solutions

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