The French municipality of Reims chooses Sepura

The French municipality of Reims chooses Sepura

18th March 2009
The city of Reims, in France, has chosen Sepura TETRA radios for its municipal organisations.

The radios will be used on the new TETRA network developed and deployed by Sepura’s French partner SYSOCO ( The new system will replace the existing analogue radio-communication network. Plans are in place to extend the digital network to the wider municipality, the Reims Metropole area.

The migration plan from analogue to TETRA is part of the city of Reims’ strategy to improve communications between the city’s municipal organisations, optimising costs of ownership and, most importantly, improving user safety.
The city of Reims lies in the Champagne-Ardenne region in north eastern France 129km (80 miles) east-northeast of Paris. With over 180,000 inhabitants, Reims is the twelfth most highly populated city in France.
All users within the municipality of Reims will be provided with Sepura’s STP8000 radios. Sepura’s latest hand-portable is rugged, durable and easy to use; its outstanding audio clarity and high quality screen offer reliable communications.

The radio’s large and well-spaced keys benefit gloved users and its 1.8 watts RF power enables reliable and uninterrupted reception. In addition, the hand-portable’s unparalleled water, dust and impact resistance makes it ideal for outdoor use.

All users will have hand-portable radios, with Sepura’s fully-integrated and highly sensitive GPS device. The geo-localisation service will enable more efficient management of operational teams whilst ensuring higher levels of safety and security for the community.

Pierre Letta, Sales and Marketing Director for SYSOCO, said: “With Reims, over 10 French municipalities will have selected Sepura TETRA radios for their communications requirements. These include Le Havre, Nimes, Chambery, Toulon, Aix en Provence and Mulhouse. This project brings state-of-the-art radio communications technology to Reims and will allow the city to make significant improvements in the provision of municipal services”.

Richard Redgrave, Regional Sales Director for Sepura, added: “The city joins the growing community of municipal organisations world-wide who have chosen Sepura radios for their communications needs.”

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