The French Ministry of Interior selects PRESCOM to ensure interoperability between Mission Critical next generation network and legacy narrow band networks

Paris, January 18, 2019 – PRESCOM announced a new collaboration with the French Ministry of Interior (MoI) to supply its MCPTT-PMR gateway as part of the French state procurement tender of equipment and services, PCSTORM – Lot 5 “Gateway to narrow band systems”. PRESCOM’s MCPTT-PMR gateways will ensure the continuity of exchanges of all or part of voice and data services between users of narrow-band networks and users equipped with PCSTORM solutions. The compatibility with next generation networks is ensured by the 3GPP compliance.

PCSTORM relies on Long Term Evolution (4G LTE) technology which is eventually designated to replace PMR technologies. The comprehensive solution will allow the Ministry to make possible interoperability between heterogeneous networks for all French national security forces. PRESCOM will provide its unique experience by providing customized gateway for both tactical mode and network mode through several integration kit adapted to the missions. In tactical mode the MCPTT-PMR gateway will be integrated in a suitcase for intervention and in a rack case for events. Whatever the operation mode, the software is the same, which facilitates operations for end users. French security forces will be able to deploy tactical gateways anywhere and in a very short time.

By using MCPTT-PMR gateways, the French MoI will allow interoperability of group communications between legacy narrow-band systems in operation and new systems deployed under this tender. Security force agents equipped with PCSTORM solutions will be able to coordinate their missions with all security agents in France who have PMR equipment.


PRESCOM is a French company, leader in delivering high resiliency dispatch centers for control rooms and gateways between heterogeneous networks. More than 400 control rooms are currently equipped with PRESCOM solutions all over the world covering multiple businesses such as public safety, fire brigades, emergency health Services, maritime safety, airports, public transport and defense.

PRESCOM, leader in Unified Critical Communications, is providing its customers with high availability solutions that are efficient and adapted to their needs, including situations under crisis circumstances. | | +33 1 30 85 55 55

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