The digital bridge

The digital bridge

Øresund bridge.jpgSwedish Radio Supply (SRS) and Radiocom Denmark developed an innovative solution in order to facilitate communication between two national TETRA public safety networks during the International Climate Conference in Copenhagen.

The solution harmonised communication between the Rakel network in Sweden and Denmark’s Sine network on the 16km Öresund Bridge that links the two countries.

Co-operation between emergency service organisations is important in the Öresund Region, not only during the high-profile conference, but The digital bridgealso in the future due to the high volume of cross-border traffic using the bridge.

The communications system consists of Sepura’s SRG Gateway radios combined with special cross communication software and hardware.  The system handles talk-groups in both the Sine and Rakel networks, using a digital bridge to enable public safety users in Denmark and Sweden to communicate seamlessly with each other. This system also makes it possible to control and monitor network status, speech latency and error signals in both networks.

Photo © Miklos Szabo/Øresundbron

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