The Bermuda Regiment enlists Sepura

The Bermuda Regiment enlists Sepura

The Bermuda Regiment has selected Sepura TETRA radios for its communication needsand joins the growing number of armed forces around the world equipped with Sepura TETRA terminals. This is the first use of a TETRA based system by any government agency on the Island of Bermuda.

The decision to adopt Sepura radios follows a successful demonstration carried out by ECL, Sepura’s partner in Bermuda. The TETRA terminals will replace the existing VHF islandbased communication system. The new digital system will be used for all the Regiment’s core functions – with special emphasis on training and operations.

In particular, the new TETRA system will be used for essential communication from Headquarters down through the Regiment’s Chain of Command. It will be particularly effective for national security and for civil community activities in the event of emergencies, such as hurricane relief work.

The Regiment has selected Sepura’s STP8200 hand-portable and SRG Gateway Repeater radios in a man pack configuration. The STP8200, with its streamlined user interface and monochrome display which is visible under all lighting conditions – including direct sunlight – is the ideal radio for use in the Bermudian climate.

Captain Chris Gauntlett, the Adjutant of the Bermuda Regiment commented:”The Bermuda Regiment has been in need of an updated communication system for several years, and recent reports on Fitness for Role had highlighted this need as a key component to operational effectiveness. The Regiment was impressed with Sepura radios’ performance in TMO on-island and the DMO capability off-island. The radios fit well with military applications as well as the Regiment’s civil support roles and offer a remarkable improvement in functionality over the previous system which had become obsolete.”

Major Phil Birch, Staff Officer for the Bermuda Regiment concluded: “The relay of information in a military setting is essential in order to achieve any objective. Clear and reliable communications can be the difference between success and failure, so a robust and effective communication system is an absolute must-have.”

The Bermuda Regiment is the home defence unit of the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda. It is a single territorial infantry battalion that was formed by the amalgamation in 1965 of two originally-voluntary units, the Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps (BVRC) and the Bermuda Militia Artillery (BMA).

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