The Bangladesh Police chooses Sepura

The Bangladesh Police chooses Sepura

Sepura announces its first prestigious contract win with the Bangladesh Police in Dhaka. This sales success was made possible by Comintel Sdn Bhd and their partner company Transonic Communication Ltd., based in Dhaka.

The Bangladesh Police, as part of a major modernisation project recently undertaken, has deployed a digital TETRA communication system in major cities in order to provide secure communications to all its public safety users in Bangladesh. The new digital TETRA system will provide clearer audio, secure voice and data communications and superior network coverage in the city centres, in particular Dhaka, where the proliferation of high rise office buildings due to the country’s advancing industrial and economic development presents an ever-increasing communications challenge.

Following extensive and exhaustive trials the Bangladesh Police has selected Sepura’s STP hand-portable and SRG gateway radios.

Bangladesh faces several months of heavy monsoon rains every year, during which public safety operatives are still required to carry out their daily duties. Sepura’s STP handportable, with its powerful audio capability, will enable users to communicate more clearly and reliably even in such extreme and challenging weather conditions and the radio’s IP55 rating against water ingress makes it ideal for the Bangladeshi climate.

High rise buildings in Dhaka The Bangladesh Police has also selected the Repeater function for its mobile gateway radios. When operations fall outside the coverage of a TETRA network (TMO), users revert to Direct Mode (DMO) to maintain communications. If public safety operatives find themselves beyond normal DMO range — for example, if operating inside buildings — group communications could be seriously compromised. With a DMO repeater the working range of the group can be nearly doubled, thus ensuring that communications are maintained.

Sepura’s repeater supports both normal and encrypted communication, thereby extending range without compromising security. Desmond Cheong from Comintel Sdn Bhd commented: “Sepura’s hand-portables and
gateways’ higher RF power will help to make communications more reliable for public safety users operating in the fringe of the TETRA network or inside buildings.

In addition, the Bangladesh Police users were also impressed with the STP’s Lithium Polymer batteries as their long life extends radio usage without increasing the terminals’ weight and size”.

Kevin Graham, Regional Sales Director for Sepura concluded: “This is a remarkable instance of Sepura’s progress in Asia. We hope that the increasing involvement with Police forces throughout the world will stimulate the interest of other governments and governmental organisations alike and generate more high profile projects like this”.

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