The Australasian TETRA + Critical Communications Forum

At the recent EGM of the Australasian TETRA Forum members voted unanimously to change the association name to the Australasian TETRA + Critical Communications Forum (“ATCCF”). The ATCCF remains a chapter of the international TETRA and Critical Communications Association (TCCA) and part of more than 160 organisations from all continents bringing together all those with an interest in the provision and development of non-proprietary digital wireless communications in mission critical or business critical environments.  

Anton Abrahams, ATCCF Chairman commented “We are pleased to align the ATCCF to the international TCCA mandate, expanded in 2011, and ensure we continue as a leading peak body representing the interest of all stakeholders involved in the wireless critical communications industry in this region. Our members are evolving their businesses in support of open standards based solutions and it is appropriate we support the collective interests of suppliers through to end users. “

Recognising the need for mission critical grade open standard broadband services (LTE) we will support the international efforts of the TCCA in working work with ETSI and other relevant parties such as 3GPP to create standards that will satisfy these needs. Our goal remains to raise the overall profile and knowledge of open standard non-proprietary digital radio communication technologies through active membership of vendors, integrators and distributors in the Australasian region.

Anton added “In extending our mandate we believe the ATCCF will have relevance to boarder potential membership and we welcome interested organizations to contact us”

Going forward it is our belief that the open standard TETRA technology that has been successful worldwide will continue to be one of the prime solutions for mission critical voice and narrow and wideband data (TEDS).

We will continue to support and promote the significant virtues of TETRA technologies and the evolution of other open standard critical LMR technologies.

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* About the ATF and ATCCF The Australasian TETRA Forum now renamed the Australasian TETRA + Critical Communications Forum was founded in Australia in 2001 and has been successful in the promotion of the non-proprietary mission critical digital TETRA radio communications technology in Australasia supported by its membership of vendors and mobile radio distributors, integrators and user organisations.

Globally the non-proprietary standard of TETRA supported by many vendors has pushed innovation way beyond that of other standards. 

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