Thales to Deploy a National Communication Network in Angola Colombes

Thales to Deploy a National Communication Network in Angola Colombes

9 April 2008

The Angolan Armed Forces and Thales have signed a major contract for the supply of an innovative Mobile Radio Communication Network using TETRA1 standards calledDigiM@x. The network will be deployed in 2010.

The Angolan Armed Forces selectedDigiM@x, Thales latest “Tetra Over IP” major evolution.DigiM@xensures high level quality of service and is adapted to both military and civilian environments. It features multi organisation and encryption systems while using COTS2 routers and IP equipment. The use of COTS gives access to the most up-to-date technologies at a lower cost.

A complete system from the radio base stations to the network systems

Four Angolan agencies will share the unique TETRADigiM@xnetwork reducing thecost drastically by combining communication capabilities and creating synergies among the different end-users. This multi organisation based on a real TETRA VPN (Virtual Private Network) will be managed by the Angolan Armed Forces. Thales management system is designed to be extremely simple and user-friendly using.

DigiM@x, the new Thales TETRA offer, combines all the specific militaryrequirements such as security and ruggedized solutions with the latest capacities offered by modern IP technology engineered for nation-wide TETRA networks. From local coverage to a national network,DigiM@xis a flexible and cost-effective solutionon the Professional Mobile Radio market today.

For this important turnkey program, Thales provides communications infrastructurebackbone, microwave links, radio-communications base stations and managementcentres, radio terminals as well as engineering, program management and an extensive end-user training.

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