TetraNode-M – mobile, modular and mission-critical

TetraNode-M – mobile, modular and mission-critical

Based on the increasing demand in the market for flexible rapid deployment systems, Rohill has introduced TetraNode-M – a modular, rapid deployment system available in two dedicated versions: one for disaster relief, and the other for military applications.

TetraNode-M is an optimised solution consisting of a fully transportable cube with shock-absorbent enclosure. These lightweight, compact cubes can be used to set up a temporary command and control room at any physical location or inside a mobile shelter.

The TetraNode-M configuration comes with an integrated Voice-data Logging Server and two interfaces for PABX, PSTN or other telephony gateways (GSM, Iridium). The new, compact R-8060 base station transceiver offers high sensitivity for increased range, and provides the full range of TETRA data transmission features, including the ability to use multiple control channels. A combiner and duplex filter is provided as well within the enclosure. Fleet management, line dispatching and AVL/APL applications are all provided on a separate ruggedized notebook. Thanks to the IP-only connection to the TetraNode-M system, any fixed or wireless Ethernet link is all that is needed to create a Military Off The Shelf (MOTS) solution.

The simplicity to expand the system with additional cubes can be regarded as a breakthrough: the system reconfigures itself automatically as a multi-node or multi-site system, or alternatively as a single-site system with higher capacity. Options for transmission networks include dial-up telephone lines, leased-line circuits, microwave links, VSAT, E1 or virtual circuits over the Internet.

TetraNode-M is an optimised modular packaging of the powerful TetraNode solution, with the full set of features and functionality which have made TetraNode so popular around the world. People in life-threatening situations can now set up vital communications links within minutes, with all their movements monitored by APL, guaranteeing operational efficiency and security.

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