TETRA: Trusted Always Everywhere

Although natively conceived back in early 90s for the European Public Safety Sectors in the framework of the Schengen agreement, TETRA has subsequently be developed to fulfil the operational requirements of a variety of end users and today it is considered as THE technology of reference WORLDWIDE across all mission and business critical market sectors (e.g. PSS, Transports, Utilities, Extraction and mining, CNO protection, military, etc…).

TETRA is TRUSTED because it offers to user organization full CONTROL of their radio communications and related investments, an unrivaled EXPERTISE about professional user needs and an outstanding LONGEVITY of products and services.

TETRA is ALWAYS AVAILABLE as it offers radio communications at any time and in any condition, INSTANT proving fast access to voice and data services and SECURE thanks to its cutting-the-edge encryption and security-by-design approach.

TETRA is EVERYWHERE available thanks to CUSTOMISED COVERAGE which allows to provide service even in remote areas, OFF-NETWORK services providing communications directly among radio terminals and a large VARIETY OF DEVICES offering end users the appropriate radio equipment for any operational use.

Further details about the main benefits of TETRA can be found here.

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