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TCCA drives new initiative for 3GPP mission critical interoperability testing and certification

First step towards formation of new Interest Group to ensure cost-effective and efficient process for manufacturers 06 July 2018: As 3GPP specified mission critical (MC) features start to mature and manufacturers …

Second ETSI MCPTT Plugtests reaches 92 per cent success rate for mission critical voice, video and data tests

MCPTT becomes MCX – Mission Critical Services – as vendors move beyond voice Sophia Antipolis, 5 July 2018: The capabilities of Mission Critical Push to Talk (MCPTT), Mission Critical Data (MCDATA) …

TCCA welcomes ice group as new mobile network operator member

03 July 2018: ice group, the international mobile network operator, has announced its membership of TCCA, the global organisation for all involved in critical communications. ice group provides wireless data services …

New IP-based capability accelerates TETRA networks’ interconnection

Revised ETSI standard allows Inter-System Interface (ISI) connections over IP links 02 July 2018:  The process of interconnecting two separate TETRA networks will become faster, easier, and more cost effective with …

First release of the Mission Critical Open Platform (MCOP) source code for MCPTT apps and software development kit

29 June 2018 – College Station, Texas, USA: The first versions of the Mission Critical Push to Talk (MCPTT) Open Source software development kit (SDK) and sample MCPTT app have …

White Papers

August 2018 – TETRA Connectivity to LTE

May 2018 – SFPG – Security Considerations for Interconnection

May 2018 – Critical Communications and Mobile Network Operators

March 2018 – Emerging Wireless Bearers for Mission Critical SCADA