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TETRA is recognised as a leading mobile communications technology that is delivering mission-critical voice services to public safety organisations and mobile workers worldwide. However, TETRA data capabilities are often under-utilised. The following articles highlight some examples of TETRA data applications that are available from a wide ecosystem of innovative developers.

Learn how you can benefit from TETRA data applications today:

* Did you know TETRA can do all this with data and apps? Article 1 showcases a wide variety of TETRA data and apps.

* Awareness With TETRA Location Services (article 2) describes the many ways TETRA can provide and integrate with location information for operational benefits.

You can publish these articles in magazines and online, or include this interesting topic in your event. Please contact TCCA or the Apps group chair for details.

The TCCA TETRA Applications Group

The TCCA TETRA Applications Group (AppsWG) works on TETRA data and application related topics including promotion of TETRA data and apps features and information sharing.

The group has discussions via an email list and remote meetings, prepares articles and information and organizes TETRA data and apps -related activities at the TCCA events like the Critical Communications World.

If you want to participate and learn more about TETRA data and apps, you can join the TETRA Apps Group by sending email to admin@tcca.info

To contact the chair of the TETRA Apps Group, please email Hannu.Aronsson@portalify.com

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