About THG

The TETRA Health Group (THG) is an informal grouping of organisations who are suppliers or users of TETRA-based technology. Members include Airwave Safety Communications Limited, Motorola Solutions, Sepura and TCCA. These organisations have a common interest in the health and environmental aspects of TETRA.

TETRA is an international standard, which defines a particular way of coding radio signals to provide digital mobile communications services. Since 1997, when the first network was opened at Gardermoen Airport in Norway, TETRA has become well-established in over 100 countries, including the USA and Canada. TETRA is widely used across the world by emergency services, transport organisations, security organisation, and public utilities.

The aim of THG is to provide, share and communicate information about the health and environmental aspects of TETRA, and to build relationships with and provide support for stakeholder groups on health issues.

This web site aims to provide an overview of the extensive scientific information available on this subject, together with a number of links to other relevant sources of information.

THG has run occasional seminars enabling users of TETRA-based systems to benefit from a direct dialogue with scientists working in the field of RF safety. Summaries of presentations from these seminars can be found on this website in the Science page.

Links to the web sites of THG members and a link for further enquiries may be found on the Contact Us page. Links to other sources of information may be found on the Links page.

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