TETRA World Congress 09

TETRA World Congress 09
New markets and new services define the future for TETRA communications

TETRA World Congress, Munich, 28 May 2009 – The announcement of the first TETRA trial in North America, together with the news that work on the next generation of the TETRA Standard has started, were just two of the highlights of the annual TETRA professional mobile communications industry Congress held in Munich this week.

The North America trial is due to begin next month, just under a year after the TETRA Association formed its Interest Group to facilitate the availability of TETRA in North America. The trial will be in Canada, with TETRA infrastructure equipment supplied by Spain’s Teltronic, and terminals by Teltronic and the UK’s Sepura.

The next evolution of the TETRA Standard is currently being specified by the ETSI TETRA Technical Committee (TC TETRA) based on requirements gathered from users around the world. This evolution is designed to provide broadband services such as mobile video for users who demand mission-critical delivery. The full user requirement specifications will be available by the end of this year.

The TETRA Release 2 standard has been completed and the wideband spectrum decisions for TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS) made in Europe. Repeating the TETRA success story for broadband will require additional effort from all stakeholders, as the need must be justified to the radio administration community. The TETRA Association is driving and coordinating this activity.

The critical communications market showed steady growth despite the difficult economic conditions, with the transportation market proving to be the one to watch in terms of future potential.* Independent research from IMS is forecasting growth of more than 20 per cent in the terminals market over the next five years.

Phil Godfrey, chairman of the TETRA Association, said: “The resilience of our market in a time of unprecedented and global economic uncertainty proves the undiminished need for critical communications services. With the potential of North America as a new market, and as we move closer to the advent of secure mobile broadband, we are looking forward to a future that promises to be both challenging and successful.”

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*Based on consolidated market reports from TETRA Association members

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