TETRA rolls out around the world

TETRA rolls out around the world

STUK logo Finland’s Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority selects Sepura

The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority of Finland (STUK) has chosen Sepura mobile TETRA radios for country-wide deployment. The contract was won in conjunction with Insalko, Sepura’s official partner in Finland.
STUK HQ Sepura’s SRM3500 mobile radios will be used for a SCADA application in the STUK’s radiation measurement stations. STUK will deploy the radios throughout Finland in three distinct phases; the first installation will take place in west Finland in May-June this year; followed by the installations in the east and north of the country in autumn 2006 and early 2007 respectively.

EADS enables STEAG service
EADS is to build a TETRA network for STEAG encotec GmbH, a subsidiary of the STEAG group. The group, with its registered offices in Essen, is one of the five largest energy producers in Germany. The new digital operations radio system meets the industrial company’s latest requirements for security, performance and profitability with regard to company-internal communication.

Among the users will be the stand-by services, the Works Fire Brigade as well as the personnel responsible for service, maintenance and radio interference suppression at STEAG. The TETRA network will provide them with support for information exchange, malfunction management and personal security and will improve the general operational processes through coordinated site communication. The TETRA system’s capabilities in data transmission will be used to operate remote-control systems.

STEAG encotec GmbH will operate the network and will be the first German industrial company to offer digital radio services on a large scale to third parties. Market research revealed a great interest from companies acting on a local and regional level, such as organisers of concerts and sporting events, communal services, private surveillance services, transport services, and utility and construction companies.

Pro-M begins nationwide network rollout

EADS has signed a contract with Pro-M to deliver the infrastructure for the Hungarian nationwide TETRA radio network. Pro-M is the company established by T-Mobile Hungary and Magyar Telekom to build and operate the system. These include the Hungarian Army, National and Budapest Police, National Borderguard, National Catastrophe Prevention Directorate, Tax and Customs Office, National Law Enforcement, National Ambulance Services, and National Environmental and Water Protection Directorate.
“With the new, shared communication system, the Hungarian emergency and safety organisations can co-operate with each other more easily. This can enable the development of more effective working processes,” said Mr. Istvan Pesti, Project Government Commissioner for the network. “What is even more important, the new communication services can save precious moments when lives are at stake”.

Avitec to provide TETRA coverage in Brescia metro

Avitec has signed a contract with Alcatel for the provision of a complete TETRA repeater coverage solution in the metro of Brescia, a city close to Milan in Italy. The metro is a driverless system made up of more than 30 underground stations. The contract, which includes delivery of hardware, software, commissioning and design engineering, is due to be completed in 2013. Brescia metro has 12 kilometres of tunnels where more than 30 fibre fed repeaters are used to feed a radiating cable that transmits the TETRA signal.

Daegu Metropolitan Corporation deploys Motorola system
Daegu Metropolitan Corporation has deployed Motorola’s TETRA system in its subway and emergency response operations. To ensure the system’s interoperability with Daegu Police’s 112 emergency service network in Korea, a pilot test was conducted to confirm that both radio systems can communicate seamlessly.

The exercise took place at the Daegu Hyunchungro subway station where the system was installed to control and monitor underground radio communications. The interoperability test involved communications between 220 users from the underground crew and the Daegu Police network on a single TETRA platform, using Motorola’s MTP850 portable radios.”This emergency exercise aimed to restore commuter confidence in our public transportation communications system, particularly after the fire arson incident at the Daegu Hyunchungro station three years ago,” said Lee Jung Ho, radio communication network manager of Daegu Metropolitan Subway Corporation. “The TETRA system’s proven ability to interoperate with the Police network is a clear indication that we are on the right track in building a more secure and efficient communications network that ensures the safety of our crew and commuters in daily subway operations and during emergencies.”

TETRA efficiency at Pusan NewPort gateway shipping hub
Pusan NewPort, based in Busan, South Korea, has selected a TETRA communication system from Teltronic and Sepura to maximise the efficiency of its cargo-handling. The new system, which includes Sepura’s hand-held radios, will maximise the use of the limited frequencies available.

Pusan NewPort is aiming to become the gateway shipping hub of North-East Asia, a nexus for routes to Europe, Australasia, South America and the US west coast.  It plans to handle the largest container ships whilst ensuring fast, efficient expedition of cargo and the highest levels of security – placing great demands on its communications infrastructure.

SELEX Communications and TETRAPROM to extend Moscow network

SELEX Communications, in partnership with Russian company Tetraprom, is to extend Moscow’s TETRA network, part of the TETRARUS national programme that includes the Middle Volga TETRA network, also being deployed by SELEX Communications and Russian partners Tetraprom, Infracom and Tetrasoft.

SELEX Communications has been present in the former Soviet market since the early 1990s.  In December 2001, it became the first company to sign a contract with the Russian Federation in the new 410-430 MHz frequency band for civil TETRA applications.

FSO TETRA system completed in Sochi
SELEX Communications, in partnership with Russian company Bermos Ltd., has completed the extension of Russia’s Federal Security Guard (FSO) TETRA network in Sochi. The ELETTRA network, SELEX Communications’ TETRA solution, provides service to 800 users.
Network first for Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport
Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport is set to become the first airport in the Russian Federation equipped with a TETRA network. SELEX Communications, with Russian partners Infracom, Tetrasoft and Proftelecom has commenced delivery of the equipment to East Line, the company that manages the airport.

The ELETTRA network is an integral part of the project to innovate the airport’s internal communications systems, a project that includes the wireless data applications that SELEX Communications is developing in partnership with Tetrasoft.

More TETRA terminals for Moscow
The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has selected Sepura terminals for Moscow’s new TETRA network. This contract was won in conjunction with Infracom, one of Sepura’s official Russian distributors and member of the TETRARUS programme.

The Ministry’s Traffic Safety and Special Operations Centre will trial Sepura’s GPS-enabled mobiles and desktop terminals throughout 2006. Police cars will use Sepura TETRA mobiles to communicate with each other and with the dispatching centre. In addition, two dispatching centres in Moscow will use Sepura desktop radios with special software that will use GPS to track the mobile-equipped police cars on an electronic map of Moscow.

A number of the centre’s police cars already use Sepura radios and onboard computers to exchange information with the traffic safety department, directly over the radio channel. Following the trial in Moscow, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will work with Infracom on the adoption of Sepura terminals by other services within the ministry and other regions of Russia.

Serbia and Montenegro
Nationwide rollout begins

Motorola is beginning the rollout of a nationwide TETRA deployment for Serbia, which will handle all of the country’s critical communications for the police and other public safety agencies. In addition, 120 Motorola MW800 mobile data terminals will be deployed, enabling users to access or log important information in the field, enabling fast decision making in mission critical situations.

Other local government agencies and organisations, such as energy, oil, forestry, and insurance companies will be potential users of the system. Motorola is working with Serbian distributor Vlatacom Ltd to manage the rollout for the Serbian MoI (Ministry of Interior), which will be completed over three phases by 2008.

Ministry of Interior selects Sepura radios
The Ministry of Interior (MoI) of the Republic of Serbia and Montenegro has awarded a contract to supply TETRA radios to Sepura in conjunction with 3Tech, Sepura’s official partner for the region.
Mobile and hand-held digital radios will be supplied to the Serbian Border Police and will operate on the nationwide TETRA network deployed for the Serbian MoI and the Police.

Exclusive deal for Police
The Swedish National Police Board has selected Sepura as the exclusive supplier of TETRA radio equipment for use on RAKEL, Sweden’s new national TETRA radio network. Sepura products will be supplied and supported via its in-country distribution partner Swedish Radio Supply (SRS).

The Swedish National Police will use over 10,000 terminals in the first phases of the national rollout, starting in April 2006, when RAKEL goes live. RAKEL replaces the country’s old analogue radio infrastructure and all Sweden’s emergency services will migrate to it over the next two to four years.

Sepura’s SRG3500 Mobile Gateway will be used to provide both direct and trunked-mode communication in rural and other areas where network coverage may be unreliable. Users will be able to seamlessly switch between modes, allowing communications to be maintained with the control room and colleagues, regardless of the local environment.

Volvo drives ahead with TETRA
Volvo Car Corporation is to utilise Sepura TETRA radios for its Göteborg factory in Sweden. The radios are part of a TETRA communications solution supplied by Swedish Radio Supply, Sepura’s official distributor in Sweden.

The TETRA communications system will be implemented for the Göteborg plant’s production and maintenance departments, replacing the existing communication platform that has been in place since 1987. The plant has approximately 55,000 employees and the current production capacity stands at 70-80 cars per hour.

48 hour relocation for the fire services Arqiva has been awarded a contract by the Mid & West Wales Fire and Rescue Service to relocate its radio and telephone control systems to a new purpose built facility, to be shared with the Police and Ambulance services in the town of Carmarthen in West Wales. The radio and telephone control systems need to be de-installed, relocated and re-commissioned within 48 hours.



First for Ho Chi Minh City
The Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam (VMOPS) has completed its first-phase deployment of Motorola’s TETRA-based digital trunked radio system. This system serves the secure Mission Critical communication needs of the police force in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam’s most populated city.  This deployment marks Vietnam’s first TETRA system in operation.

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