TETRA Radio System Used in Chinese Nuclear Power Plant for First Time

  • Motorola Solutions’ TETRA radio system has been rigorously tested for its durability during the Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant’s anti-seismic tests.
  • The customer becomes China’s first nuclear power plant to use a TETRA communications system able to withstand a magnitude 8 earthquake.
  • All two-way radios and mobile radios provided by Motorola Solutions are intrinsically safe for use in hazardous environments.

Beijing, May 25, 2015 – Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) today announced that, after a series of rigorous anti-seismic tests, its TETRA digital radio trunking system has won the digital communications project bid from Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant in Lianyungang. This is the first time this type of TETRA communications system will be used in China’s nuclear power industry. In the future, Motorola Solutions will also serve as Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant’s partner for all important command/dispatch and emergency communications network systems thanks to its equipment’s safe and stable operations as well as the company’s emergency handling.
As the largest per-unit capacity plant in China, Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant has the safety performance of a third-generation plant with a high operations management level. As China’s nuclear power plants grow in number and technologies undergo continuous upgrades, work safety has become especially important in their construction and operation. A digital communications system covering the entire Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant will ensure efficient and stable operation of the command/dispatch and emergency response systems, and also lay a foundation for the future upgrade and expansion of the TETRA system to accommodate each reactor. The TETRA communications system from Motorola Solutions offers the richest command/dispatch features and highest reliability in the industry as well as a strong anti-interference performance. It is the primary choice for customers who seek peace of mind.
The stable operation of a nuclear power plant is critical, especially in emergencies such as natural disasters. Even during the power plant design phase, all the products included must be equipped with stellar anti-seismic performance. During Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant’s equipment selection process, the TETRA communications system from Motorola Solutions successfully passed the anti-seismic tests organized by the customer, making Motorola Solutions China the first TETRA supplier to have passed these tests in the country.
To meet requirements of Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant, Motorola Solutions provided high-reliability system equipment and a large number of highly stable TETRA two-way radios and mobile radios. The entire communications system offers powerful functions and is able to handle routine command/dispatch operations as well as large volumes of emergency communications with ease. Among them, the MTP850Ex radio is intrinsically safe, meeting the international ATEX (ATmosphere EXplosible) and IEC-Ex (International Electrotechnical Commission Scheme for Certification to Standards for Electrical Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres) standards. It can still be used safely in a hazardous environment with explosive gases and dust.
In addition, the TETRA communications system from Motorola Solutions is scalable and can be easily further developed to accommodate new applications. For example, backup communications plans can be developed for various emergency scenarios to realize the interconnection of the digital communications system with the internal communications system as well as with the public network system. Other possible applications include locating personnel, digital alarms, monitoring, dispatch and reporting. This not only improves user safety and resource management levels but also helps the nuclear power plant’s staff realize efficient command/dispatch and handle emergencies in timely, effective manner.
Highlights of the MTP850Ex: 

  • Outstanding audio performance for industry users in a typically noisy environment
  • ATEX and IEC-Ex certified for use in  hazardous environments containing explosive gases and dust
  • Internal “Man Down” emergency alert, fully integrated solution that triggers an emergency procedure when the radio carrier remains motionless for a set period of time or falls down
  • Integrated WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) browser and multi-slot packet data, which enable rapid access to critical information in the field

Michael Jiang, chairman and president of Motorola Solutions China, said, “We are very honored to be able to participate in the construction of Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant, demonstrate the advantages of Motorola Solutions in TETRA digital radio trunking system and provide highly reliable digital communications system. Motorola Solutions will continue to provide stable and reliable professional communications solutions and services for users in a variety of fields.”

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