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NATF logoThe North America TETRA Forum (NATF) is an industry group whose purpose is to facilitate the adoption of TETRA as a standard in North America. NATF members include TETRA equipment  manufacturers, vendors, application developers, consultants, and TETRA network operators/users.

The NATF supports potential customers who wish to have an objective review of available technologies for their communications needs, and provides assistance in defining user requirements. The  NATF hosts workshops across North America where existing and potential users can learn current information and exchange experiences and ideas. We are also present at major industry shows, such as the International World Communications Expo (IWCE) and the Utilities Telecom Council (UTC) annual convention.

TETRA has been fully licensed in both the USA and Canada since 2011. As a mature mission-critical communications suite, TETRA is deployed in over 130 countries worldwide in diverse applications such as mining, transportation, and utilities.

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The North America TETRA Forum has a governing board, whom may be reached via email at Please allow a few business days for a response.

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