TETRA from Hytera ensuring public safety in Peru

The Peruvian National Police emergency call system in the Lima Metropolitan Area has been equipped with ACCESSNET®-T IP, the TETRA solution from Hytera Mobilfunk, and Hytera terminals.

Acting as a general contractor, Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH installed Peru’s first TETRA radio system in 2012 and 2013. On 25.06.2013, the Interior Minister of Peru, Wilfredo Pedraza Sierra, launched the TETRA system for emergency communication. Since then, the Hytera radio system has become a part of the Emergency System 105 and now ensures communication for the emergency services. This large project in Peru has enabled Hytera to further boost its position in the South American PMR market, particularly in the area of public safety.

The Interior Minister of Peru, Wilfredo Pedraza Sierra, said of the new Emergency System 105: “This is a highly effective system, which is even earthquake-resistant. This platform for the police is the communication system used by the authorities and organisations with safety and security tasks to coordinate the emergency response in case of a major natural disaster.”

The TETRA radio system, ACCESSNET®-T IP, facilitates the voice and data transmission of the emergency services in the Emergency System 105. The capital city, Lima, and the port city of Callao, which together make up the whole Lima Metropolitan Area with around 8.8 million inhabitants, have been provided with TETRA radio equipment.

The first 300 Hytera PT580H portable radios and 100 Hytera MT680 vehicle radios are now being used by the police. This means that there is already an average usage of more than 30,000 calls per day. Supply to the emergency services will be increased at a later time to 3,459 PT580H handheld  radios, 560 MT680 vehicle radios and 300 Hytera MT680B fixed radios. The emergency services in Lima are very well equipped, particularly with their Smart Patrol vehicles, which are equipped with cameras, dispatchers, AVL and the latest TETRA applications.

With over 120 permanently installed cameras, a video system provides continuous monitoring of the most important places and streets in Lima and Callao.All systems are in assembled one central control centre, where the police use both a dispatcher and an AVL system (automatic vehicle location). In this centre, incoming emergency calls and the emergency services are managed and coordinated on 65 workstations. Over twelve monitoring stations and a video wall with 24 46″ monitors display the camera feeds. Thanks to the advanced system, a digital record is created for every incoming emergency call, which saves, among other things, information on the caller, the reason for the call, the actions taken and the resources used.

An official Interior Ministry video on the Emergency System 105 can be viewed via the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LuZLLElOqM

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