TETRA Forum Poland has joined TETRA Association

TETRA Forum Poland has joined TETRA Association.

The national TETRA Forum Poland (TFP) has joined the TETRA Association. The goal of the TFP is to promote the TETRA standard on the Polish market.

Poland is the last big country in Europe without a nationwide digital trunking system for police and emergency services. The tender for a system, which was announced in September 2010, is currently ongoing. It is important to finalise the network construction before the beginning of the EURO 2012 Football Cup in order to safely organize this prestigious sporting event. Building the system is essential for proper functioning of the emergency services, especially with the number of football supporters expected. The TETRA system will increase public safety and reduce the potential losses associated with natural disasters or terrorist acts.

For the moment, the project budget is estimated on PLN 500 million (USD 170 million) and 75 per cent will be covered by EU grants. The tender has been divided into several stages. During the first stage, the radio network will be built in major Poland cities (Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw, Krakow, Gdansk and Silesia with surrounding areas), because these cities are going to host the football event.

During the next stages, this radio network should cover the whole country.

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