TETRA climbs aboard the taxi with TELTRONIC and BERNABE Comunicaciones

BERNABE Comunicaciones from the city of Burgos, Spain has joined forces with TELTRONIC to implement a TETRA solution for a taxi association in one of the first applications for this sector in the world

BERNABE Comunicaciones has been working together with TELTRONIC since 1983. In 1991, Abutaxi – the main taxi association in the city of Burgos – selected BERNABE Comunicaciones for the installation of an analogue PMR system provided by TELTRONIC. Then in 2007, the same association asked BERNABE to update its 15-year-old radios to a new system. TETRA technology was the choice. Today Abutaxi possesses a modern TETRA solution whereby a single carrier can support over 300 vehicles with simultaneous voice and data, full dúplex calls and GPS location as well as other services.

At the project implementation stage, in close consultation with the customer, BERNABE Comunicaciones decided against using the traditional TELTRONIC MDT-400 mobile unit MMI, designing instead a special hardware unit to avoid the vehicle having any visible part which could be removed. Solution development was completed with a specially manufactured on-board terminal using the Windows CE operating system with a 5.7” LED touchscreen.

These developments have led to a taxi with a concealed TETRA radio, hands-free communications, taxi-meter connection, hardware-based emergency button as well as all the equipment being installed discretely without the need for a hand-microphone thereby reducing the possibility of damage and traffic fines for drivers.

In the case of taxis, some of the clear advantages of choosing TELTRONIC’s TETRA solution over other existing PMR technologies are:

– The possibility of voice as a critical element for communication and security

– The possibility of sending large volumes of data, including short data, status messages and packet data

– The possibility of a security system installation which protects taxi-drivers from attacks

– The possibility of connecting the driver directly with customers via PABX.

TELTRONIC’s TETRA solution allows all of this and besides, ensures permanent access to a prívate network with no restrictions on use and where network size is adapted to requirements and controlled by the customer.

According to Angel Bernabe, General Manager, BERNABE Comunicaciones:  “Our goal is to satisfy our customers’ needs as they are the ones who know how to do their job the best, how to optimise resources and maximise benefits. In our country we say that we get used to good things straight away. The taxi-drivers got used to the new TETRA solution with all its tangible benefits. We believe that TETRA has climbed aboard the taxi never to get off again and that the sector generates good business around the world making TETRA an attractive comercial proposition.”

Angel Bernabe took part as a speaker in the prestigious international event, PMR Summit, that was held during September in Barcelona’s Melia Hotel. TELTRONIC was Gold Sponsor at the same event. PMR Summit will take place next year at Barcelona’s Rey Juan Carlos Hotel on September 17-19.

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