TETRA Association enters 2006 on a high

TETRA News 2006 – Issue 1

TETRA Association enters 2006 on a high

A very Happy New Year from the TETRA Association. It was a happy old year too, as TETRA celebrated the end of 2005. Key decisions were taken by the governments of Hungary and the UK to deploy the technology for nationwide networks – full stories inside. Already this year Austria has turned on the TETRA service, and the decision from Germany is awaite.

Meanwhile, around the world, TETRA continues to make its mark, with strong regional growth. TETRA has been deployed for PSS use in almost all European countries in the 380-400 MHz frequency band. The fastest growing regions in percentage terms during our 2005 survey period were Africa and the Middle East, demonstrating TETRA’s momentum as a standard.

Phil Godfrey, Chairman of the TETRA Association, said: “We seem to be at a point where we are changing up a gear as TETRA growth accelerates in regions outside Europe. To help respond to the demand for TETRA information from Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, the TETRA Association will be holding regional events. If potential users can’t come to TETRA then we’ll go to them.” Provisional details are on the back page.

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