Teltronic, through Sampol-Tradia, to update and improve coverage of the Security and Emergency Network of the Balearic Islands

Zaragoza, 27th June 2024 – Teltronic, a Spanish company dedicated to the design, manufacture and deployment of mission critical communications systems, will provide the Sampol-Tradia temporary consortium with the upgrade and supply of new TETRA base stations for the renovation and expansion project of the Security and Emergency Network of the Balearic Islands.

For this purpose, the Balearic Digitalisation, Cybersecurity and Telecommunications Agency (IB Digital) has awarded the Sampol and Tradia temporary consortium the contract for the supply, installation, commissioning and updating of the TETRA stations of a network already deployed by the Sampol-Teltronic joint venture in 2010 on Teltronic’s NEBULA infrastructure. The system provides service to different groups in the Balearic Islands such as local police, Civil Protection, Forestry Agents, Medical Care Service and Firefighters, among others.

The works, which will be carried out in the near future, will enable the system to be updated through the renewal of various hardware and software elements. This upgrade will not only extend the useful life of the network in the best conditions of functionality and maintainability, but also involves a series of functional improvements that, over the next four years, will provide the system with new TETRA functionalities and enable new use cases, as well as being ready to incorporate private broadband base stations if the operator so wishes.

The contract also includes the extension of the network to provide coverage in the shaded areas that currently exist throughout the Balearic Islands and to improve the service to Security and Emergency users. In this way, the installation of up to 39 new base stations in different formats (indoor and outdoor) is planned, including the MCBS, Teltronic’s innovative multi-carrier station, which has recently been awarded “Best TETRA Product or Solution of the year” at the International Critical Communications Awards.

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