Teltronic presents its dual TETRA-LTE deployable base station

May 2015: A multi-technology Deployable Base Station supporting two radio access, TETRA and LTE, has been incorporated to TELTRONIC portfolio of professional radio infrastructures. This new dual unit will permit a fast deployment to provide communications in critical and special operations or when the coverage or traffic capacity needs to be improved somewhere.

CCW’15 in Barcelona was selected by TELTRONIC to launch the new dual TETRA + LTE Deployable Base Station.

The new product is part of the product family of the TELTRONIC new generation mission critical infrastructure, eNEBULA, which offers TETRA and LTE radio access on a single radio network.

The Deployable Base Station can be quickly deployed anywhere a new coverage area is needed to be set up. As a TETRA base station the DBS features 2 carriers. In dual configuration, the DBS delivers a TETRA carrier plus a LTE eNodeB.

The unit can work as either a stand-alone unit providing all the functionalities and operating as a fully autonomous system, or as a remote site connected to an existing radio network.

The DBS allows deploying communications equipment in a fast and effective manner, under the harshest terrain and environmental conditions, being compliant with the most demanding environmental normative.

With the dual TETRA+LTE DBS, TELTRONIC continues extending its offer of tactical solutions for critical markets as Public Safety or Defense.

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