TELTRONIC lands in New Zealand opening the way for its exports in Australasia(2)

TELTRONIC lands in New Zealand opening the way for its exports in Australasia

Teltronic has started its activities in Auckland, New Zealand’s business capital and the most populated city in the country with some 1.5 million inhabitants.

The private PAMR operator Airwaves has set up a TETRA NEBULA network which initially covers the metropolitan area of Auckland, offering voice and data services including both full and half duplex calls, status, short data, packet data and circuit data (video). The network also offers IP access to third party applications, PSTN/PABX connection and SMS service to and from the cellular network. Airwaves plans to expand to other areas of New Zealand.

Teltronic leads the TETRA market with its innovative products and solutions, taking advantage of the advanced concept of its NEBULA architecture. NEBULA can be fully supported by asynchronous backbones like Ethernet and IP, does not need GPS for SBS synchronization, supports secondary control channels (up to four per base station), circuit data (which allows low resolution video over one single slot), direct calls, status group calls and many other features, including powerful fallback modes and redundant configurations.

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